Osteoarthritis: Integrity and Movement


Currently, the world is on high alert. Regular activities that were available are now non-existent. Meeting with friends, going to work, playing soccer / volleyball in the park: these and other activities are severely curtailed, if not altogether halted.  Those with (hip) osteoarthritis are in a dire straight. Movement is key to maintaining a normal lifestyle. With gyms being shuttered, it becomes essential that one develop a home workout routine to maintain the integrity of the joint.

One more rep!!!!1
Playing the edge. Getting stronger.


Hip osteoarthritis can effectively be addressed at home.  Many activities that help to keep the joint healthy do not require major pieces of equipment; although resistance can be a positive variant. Simple movements that address full range of motion and strength will keep the joint healthy. Some movements must be approached with caution, if not altogether avoided. Exercises will be easily learned If one has been active. These will complement the activities in which one which one chooses to still engage.


Opens the front of the thighs / hips. Opens the the chest, strengthens the arms and back


Your healthcare provider, physical therapist or chiropractic specialist can provide you with exercises that will help to maintain joint integrity. These exercises are most effective when they are done on a consistent basis. Doing them consistently will train the muscles and tissues to hold the joint in place and allow one to sustain a higher degree of activity, within the confines of range of motion.


In addition to the hip specific exercises, Tai Chi and Yoga (restorative, therapeutic formats) will help the These forms of exercise work to gently encourage range of motion and create musculoskeletal stability. They also improve breathing capacity and posture. The best quality is that they can be done in one’s home. There is no need for fancy equipment.  There are competent sources that are available for basic instruction ease.

In my own regimen, I have a small e-stim device that I use to stimulate and relax the muscles and the joint structure.

Please consider your overall health when working on your hips. It may be necessary to get a hip replacement. However, maintaining hip integrity by using structured exercises and staying active will help to keep you mobile. Always be in consult with your health care provider. Make all your decisions based on their input and your own personal research.

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