Woo-SAHHH . . .That moment

Then you leave the studio, the ashram, the practice hall, the comfort of your own home. A little perturbation arises. Your spiritual practice is strong: you can do marathon sessions of meditation. Your Qigong practice is not just a series of randomly sequenced set of movements: you feel the energy flowing as you direct it. Your pranayama is expansive, full, focused and complete. The seamless intertwining of Puraka (Inhalation), Abhyantara Khumbaka (Full Inhale Hold), Rechaka (Exhalation), Bahya Khumbaka (Full Exhale Hold) occurs effortlessly. Then you leave the studio, the ashram, the practice hall, the comfort of your own home. A little perturbation arises. Someone does not signal there turn in traffic. The barista does not quite season your latte in the manner to which you have grown accustomed. A child shows disrespect toward the parent (or your child shows disrespect toward you). It is at these times that your practices must be part of your being. You must not allow your mind to wander, to become agitated. . . . You must come (back) to a Woo-SAHH moment.

The Silent Disease

Swimming for Hip Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis (OA) is not a death sentence. Is it hereditary? Is it trauma induced? Maybe both . . . or neither. What is important is that movement, strengthening and flexibility (SMF) be maintained so that operational procedures be avoided for as long as is possible

Benefits of Crossing Over

The ability to stimulate cross hemisphere communication, in relation to motor function, can help to improve and sustain cognitive abilities.

Meditation (is) not Sleeping

Nonetheless, I pondered his statements and it drove home the fact that (many) people (westerners) are socialized to view meditation with a HIGH Degree of circumspection. Meditation and meditating is mentioned 23 times in the (KJV) bible. Yet many still (choose to) remain ignorant as to what meditation really entails

Considering Breath . . . . .

Breathing fully can be revelatory for the body. Proper, full breathing is not promoted in modern society. Many modern activities undermine good posture and the ability to engage in full breathing. The process of full breathing can be trained through breathing practices contained in yogic and qigong repertoires. The practices in contained these disciplines encourage … Continue reading Considering Breath . . . . .

Brush it off . . . . .

Dry Brushing (Skin Brushing) is a passive therapy that can assist in the quest of health and vibrance.


The Five Important Processes

There are five processes the are indispensable to proper functioning of the body. In increasing order of importance, they are elimination, digestion, rest, hydration, respiration.