Health Coaching {Shopping for Life}

Eating right is something we know we should do, yet many of us are unclear about what to buy and what to eat when it comes to weight management and being healthy.

Ab-Sutra Health and Fitness Coaches can help you solve that problem. We will go grocery shopping with you, by phone or in person, and coach you on what foods to buy. We will also provide you with satisfying and nutritious recipes. There are no excuses for not feeding your body what it needs.

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Skype sessions

Keeping up with a workout schedule on your own can be difficult. Your routine may lack variety and you may find it hard to push yourself when you do not have someone there to help. That’s why we offer Skype Exercise Sessions for those of you who are in remote locations, on the road a lot, or don’t like exercising in gyms.

With the Skype Exercise Sessions we’ll design the programs, challenge your weaknesses, and boost your confidence. Let’s start exercising today!

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Boot camp

Boot Camps are a physical form of tough love. We offer two instructors for every five participants, ensuring that you perform all the exercises safely and get the most out of your workout. We realize not everyone likes to exercise in gyms. Ab-Sutra Health and Fitness Coaches will bring the boot camp to you. You provide the location, a small group of friends, and we’ll do the rest. Boot camps are a fun and challenging way to lose weight, develop functional strength and core stability.

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Personal training with martial arts emphasis

Traditional Martial Arts techniques can be incorporated into the personal training sessions. You can increase functional strength, improve muscular balance and develop total body coordination. Workout with Ab-Sutra Health and Fitness Coaches and have fun while doing so.

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Conditioning for golfers

Developing efficient patterns of movement are important for your golf game.
We design programs that address the challenges which could be hindering your performance.

You will benefit from our focus on improving flexibility, stabilizing hip alignment, releasing shoulder tightness, increasing back strength, enhancing rotational mechanics and increasing core strength and stability.

Our structured application of personal training and flexibility protocols will beneficially improve your posture, balance and kinesthetic awareness.

You will achieve fluid strength and realize improved consistency in your performance on the golf course.

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Special populations

Millions of Americans suffer from chronic diseases: i.e. arthritis, COPD, diabetes, fibromyalgia, hypertension, and various musculoskeletal conditions to name a few.

Ab-Sutra Health and Fitness Coaches can help enhance your quality of life with appropriately and carefully designed exercise programs. We consult with your physician to develop programs that can lead to improvement regardless of your physical affliction. We are knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to working with people suffering with a variety of chronic diseases. Don’t let your ailments keep you from enjoying optimal health and fitness.

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