A full breath is hard to come by today. The modern lifestyle that many lead is wrought with activities and situations that interfere with breathing fully; these situations and activities can lead to headaches, incomplete oxygenation of the blood, over stimulation of the nervous system, inadequate digestion, and high blood pressure. By practicing yoga, these conditions can be reversed as one learns to experience the breath extending from the lungs into every cell in the body.

My focus is to bring awareness to my students. So much of our days are spent dealing with scattered thoughts, multitudinous activities and many responsibilities. This is part of life today but it does not have to carry us away. By learning principles of alignment, experiencing full and proper breathing and developing core strength, my students attain a sense of presence that results from being empowered.

The benefits of yoga include: postural improvement, lengthening of tight muscles, strengthening weak muscles, strengthening tendons and losing weight. A person’s overall coordination and sense of well being will improve as well.

Yoga is accessible to all and requires no experience. I am knowledgeable in Beginning Yoga, Slow Vinyasa Flow, Astanga primary series and Hatha Yoga. Whatever fitness activity you engage in, yoga can compliment it and enable you to enjoy that activity more fully. Let’s start transforming your body, by breathing more fully, today.

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