What is diet?


Medical:  1 : food and drink regularly provided or consumed. 2 : habitual nourishment. 3 : the kind and amount of food prescribed for a person or animal for a special reason.

General: 1. the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats. i. e.”a vegetarian diet”  2. a special course of food to which one restricts oneself, either to lose or gain weight or for medical reasons.

Diet is the consumption of food and drink for the purpose of sustaining the body’s physiological processes. All organisms on earth exist due to some form of dietary consumption. Humans fit into the category of organism and must ‘eat to live’. Basically, the body needs only to consume the amount of calories necessary to sustain daily activity. Excess is not needed as the ability of the body to store unused food components is limited.  General speaking, a diet, per se, is when ingestion and elimination are balanced.

What a nice way to start . . . . .
This looks great, doesn’t it??

Name any organism on earth and you will name something that must consume to stay active in this earth plane.


  1. a form of life composed of mutually interdependent parts that maintain various vital processes.
  2. a form of life considered as an entity; an animal, plant, fungus, protistan, or moneran.

All (things) that can fit into this classification can be designated as consumers. They energy balance must be maintained within each organism for it to exist on earth. The quality of what one consumes has a sweeping effect the integrity of an organism’s existence.
Eat meal 2-3 hrs before game

The question of ‘what to eat’ is oft pondered, debated and commented on. There are those individuals who go vegetarian after being predominantly meat eaters and there are those who re-introduce meat and animal products into the diet after having been vegetarian / vegan for some time. Some people remain either vegetarian / vegan and or mainly meat eaters for their whole lives. More plants in the diet is always good but consuming the exclusively does not work for everyone. Every person has a different constitution. Health considerations aside, each person will either ‘eat to live’ or ‘live to eat’

Today’s society exhibits much confusion about what to eat, how much to eat, when to eat. There also exist an imbalance in food distribution in the world. Many of earth’s human denizens do  not have enough to eat while many in this same earth overeat. Complications result in both camps from these extremes. Through balance all things can exist in harmony. One major occurrence  in society is that people live in an out of balance state. If is often, almost always, too late when one realizes that they must adjust their patterns of consumption, that conditions cannot continue unabated.

Cauliflower Steaks with Spiced Corn
Cauliflower is an excellent source of vitamins C and K.

So, what is best for diet? What foods must one consume in support of their own physiological  constitution? This is not a treatise on what diet is better than another diet. It is a prompting for each individual to come to terms with what is needed, on a dietary level, for their own individual constitution to be healthy. The only individual capable of balancing the physiological aspects of their body (along with their mind and spirit) is they themselves.


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