Injury: The Healing Process

I received some great news today from my chiropractor, Dr. Randy Hedlund. I am adhering to sound protocol while my elbow goes through the healing process. That was good to hear but this healing is torture.

I have two types of tendonitis in one elbow: one is tennis elbow and the other a strained long head of the triceps tendon. These will be interesting to deal with. I did not want to stop or alter my workout routines, but now I have to. I do not want these setbacks to develop into something chronic. I have to realize, that stopping my activities
or changing them, dramatically, is sometimes required.

Tennis elbow is an inflammation, soreness, or pain on the lateral aspect of the upper arm near the elbow. The condition is usually a result of some type of repetitive motion that stresses that part of the arm. Sports activities that can cause this are tennis, racquet ball, and any action involving continual twisting of the wrists.

Strained Triceps Tendon usually results from repetitive strain but can also be contributed to overusing the elbow joint.

I am doing some stretching and massaging of these areas along with heat treatments with epsom salts. I am slowly recovering. I stretch, ice, and massage several times throughout the day and apply the epsom salt treatment at night.

I am still able to swim, perform rehabilitative yoga, and Tai Chi. I am doing some shoulder flexion with a 45 pound plate and holding push up position with the thumb and two forefingers in ‘eagle claw’ hand form for 10 seconds.

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