Your Diet is Your Choice

What is diet shaming??  The Keto. The Vegan. The Vegetarian. The Paleo. The SAD. Each feels that their way is the ultimate way and that all else, dietarily, is insufficient. So, is there such a thing as a universally complete diet??  Based on the number of different (known) diets . . . there is no universal complete diet on earth. Diet shaming is an attempt to de-emphasis something that one person feels is inadequate (for themselves). It invalidates another person’s diet preferences and makes one out to be more upright and validated in their own choices. When we allow ourselves to fully embrace our own choices, there will be no need to critically view another for their own nourishment choices.

burrito with roast beef, beans, rices and veggies
This burrito is something that should be savored.

Each different diet provides something that supports the person who chooses to fly under that banner. Yet, physiological challenges notwithstanding, none can be said to be ‘better than any of the others. Depending upon the activities that one chooses or the lifestyle that they pursue or the beliefs that they uphold, one type of diet my be more amenable than the others. That does not provide anyone the right to say that other options are of little value. That, IMO, is a shallow attempt to bolster an individual’s lack of certainty about what they have chosen to consume.

In all honesty, I have seen it, experienced it from different angles. I have met staunch vegetarians who have basically castigated me for my consuming of flesh. In the most unabashed of manners. I know people who were dedicated vegetarians but had come to a point in their journey where meat consumption became necessary. I also know of people who choose a vegetarian / vegan lifestyle for health or for moral reasons. Lately, I have had people inquire as to what it is that I am consuming (when it is vegetarian based) by basically sticking their nose into my plate. That action is beyond rude. I do not adhere to one strict dietary regimen. I am predominantly plant based. Yet, although not on a grand scale, I will consume meat. If I were to do more, intense strength training, I would increase my protein intake, to include a bit more meat. I see more people being critical of vegetarians / vegans than I do see Keto and Paleo people being criticized. I am sure that it happens, but I do not frequent those circles.

These are some great sources of fiber.
These are just some of the great sources of fiber that are available

I am basically stating that of all the issues facing the world, personal diet choices should not be the realm of other people’s concern. Concern should be directed at the waste of food that is rampant in western society, the promotion of and providing dietary choices that are not life sustaining, and the lack of available ‘healthy food options’ within some of the social-economic strata. Sustainability placed to the side, if one’s diet works for them, let them be. There are different diets that can provide nutritiously, sufficient sustenance. However, people choose to eat however they will . . . those choices will bestow the results that are to be obtained (from said choices).

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Let your own dietary choices be your own. Do not seek to uplift yourself by foisting your dietary beliefs / preferences upon another person. They may eat in their chosen manner due to myriad possible reasons. Your place is not to question them. Your own place is to enjoy what is on your (own) plate.

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