Whole Foods and Supplementation

The benefits of eating right must be more effectively promoted. Many people derive noticeable benefit in regular supplementation. Yet, these same people are dealing with severe nutritional deficiencies or severe comorbidities . Research shows that consuming whole foods are the way in which optimal nutritional benefit is obtained. Modern society is rife with time constraints and ‘easily available’, ‘highly processed’, non-nutritional foods. Better dietary choices are available and must be made in the circumventing of physiological outcomes of poor consumption choices.

When we ‘eat right’, our consumption is based upon ingesting proper amounts of nutrient dense foods. These nutrient dense foods supply to appropriate building blocks for ideal physiological function. Every cell in our bodies must receive proper nutritional input. No one body is the same as another one body. From Vegan, to Vegetarian, to Plant-Based, to Keto, . . . . one’s choice of diet must be able to sustain them. Changes must be undertaken if one’s diet is not supplying adequate nourishment.  

The hand is an amazing thing.
What is a serving size??

Promoting this lifestyle choice is challenging. Society is geared toward the go-go-go lifestyle. Little time is taken for self-care. Rest is often engaged in as an afterthought or something that hinders production. Add to that, the promotion of processed foods that appease the senses is non-stop. Eventually, the television will present options that are minimally nutritious but are promoted as healthy. Processed foods, as a rule, are not the best options for nutrition even if they contain important additives. Keeping nutritious snacks on hand can remedy those sudden craving that arise. Make your own trail mix. If necessary, add fiber to those processed foods. One can be their own health advocate.   

Supplementation can be of benefit. This is especially true in cases of nutritional deficiency or co-morbidities. Supplementation can shore up the lagging aspects of one’s diet by providing those nutrients that may be lacking from one’s diet. Research these products. Reading is important, reading the labels of  purchased foods. If possible, obtain advise from a nutritionist. Supplementation should not be stabbing, per se, into the dark. Diet, proper nutrition is an intelligent choice.  

What a nice way to start . . . . .
This looks great, doesn’t it??

Consuming ‘whole, unprocessed’ foods is the most prescribed method of obtain optimal nutrition. Some of these foods (beans, lentils, wild rice, quinoa, raw meats  – more than not) must  be prepared. Others (vegetables and fruits) can ‘typically’ be eaten in the natural state, yet preparation is ‘sometimes’ preferable. One way to obtain, nutritious, whole, unprocessed foods is to prepare in advance. One big amount that will last a week of two smaller meals that will last three to four days each. This strategy will ensure that nutritionally unprocessed foods are readily available.   

Time constraints are part of modern everyday life. Appointments, obligations, responsibility . . . all of these conditions require that time be spent. Not to mention the travelling to fulfill or accomplish them adds to that time spent. Items, important items – diet, exercise, taking time out, fall to wayside as the carrot of goal orientation looms ‘just out of reach. Diet becomes the domain of convenience – convenience stores, fast-foods and such. This is what comprises the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) the body may get along on this diet body. However, consuming foods of minimal nutritional content will eventually take a toll.

burrito with roast beef, beans, rices and veggies
This burrito is something that should be savored.

Better dietary options are available. Some planning may be in order for these options, opportunities to be realized. Yet, planning for better consumption need not be viewed as burdensome. The taste for some ‘different’ every night or the settling for convenience is only a trap that separates us from being ‘intimate’ with our bodies, intimate with our minds, intimate with our ‘Real Selves’. There are supplemental options that can be utilized to bridge those nutritional gaps. Yet, even if foods need to be prepared three to four days in advance, the task of preparing our own foods, healthy foods, mandates that it be a more prominent and personal activity.   

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