A Circle of Life

The importance of circulation cannot be overstated. The circulatory system serves a dual role: 1) it carries nutrients throughout the body 2) it carries waste material from the body. This process is ongoing and both phases are occurring simultaneously. Circulation is the process of moving the life blood throughout the entire body. Though seemingly, but not totally, automatic, the process is aided by movement and breathing. Daily lifestyles, in all the variety inherent therein, have direct impact upon circulation. Circulation is important to living in this earth plane.  

How circulation functions

Circulation is the process of distributing blood throughout the body. Every cell in the body is affected by this fluid. Blood has the capacity to link to oxygen. This element is important to all physiological processes. Oxygen is primarily used as a source of fuel for every cell in your body. Circulation is also one of the vehicles through which wastes are transported out of the body. The process is a closed loop system. Oxygen is being picked up and brought into the body as waste products are being picked up and accumulated in lieu of leaving the body. Waste leaves the body in the form of out-breath (CO2 / lungs), urine (kidneys) and feces (colon).

The specifics of circulation

Circulation is facilitated by a series of vessels. The flow goes is as follows: from the heart, aorta, arteries arterioles, capillaries, venules, veins, vena cava, back to the heart (a basic outline). The deoxygenated blood that comes back to the heart is sent to the lungs. It picks up oxygen there and is sent back to the heart. It goes out to the body after being reoxygenated. Each part of the circulatory system is important but most critical are the capillaries. They are very tiny blood vessels: a single red blood cell can barely fit through them. In addition to connecting arteries to veins, they facilitate the exchange of certain elements between your blood and tissues. Capillaries extend throughout the body to contact (nearly) every cell of the body.

Connection between Circulation and Respiration

Circulation is directly tied to respiration. The in-breath brings Oxygen into the body and the out-breath removes CO2. CO2 is a consequence of blood picking up the waste products of every cell in the body. This process binds carbon to oxygen that has been utilized in various metabolic process. Fresh blood is 23.5% oxygen containing. De-oxygenated blood is 19.5% oxygen containing – this is the minimum amount of oxygen that allows humans to be actively functional. Levels below 19.5% bring about varying degrees of incapacitation, ultimately result in death at the lowest amounts (8% – 4%). Breathing deeply, of course, is key to bringing in optimal amounts of oxygen and exhausting maximal amounts of CO2. Breathing also helps in the circulation process by providing an auxiliary pumping action. Breath and circulation are intimately linked.

The alveoli (little balloons in the lungs) are the point
of exchange for CO2 / Fresh Oxygen with the blood

Impact of daily life on circulation

Our daily habits can have great impact on the quality of circulation. The effects of posture, inactivity, quality of movement can be positive or negative. Posture is very important to  the ability to breath fully. Good posture balances the nervous system and enables proper stimulation of the entire body. Inactivity is not conducive to good circulation. Standing in one place all day, lying down or reclining overly much allows to blood to pool or stagnate. Thus, quality of movement is a crucial part of aiding proper circulation. Movement, such as walking, bicycling, exercise (gentle or extreme) can facilitate circulation.

Circulation serves an important function in the body. The process brings oxygen into the body and transports waste from it. The most intricate part of the circulatory system is are the capillaries. They conduct blood to every part of the body. Circulation and breath work together in keeping the body alive. Circulation is impacted, negatively or positively by daily actions. Circulation is a critical part of life . . . it is the critical part of life.

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