How Do You Care

There is a dearth of caring in society today. The lack of care is evident in how humans interact with a) the environment b) each other c) themselves. The level of disconnectedness in each of these areas is reflective of the extent to which of lack of caring abounds. Caring is the basis for social and societal development. Caring for and accepting self can positively impact the degree to which  gregariousness is extended to others.

Care is defined as (n) the provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of someone or something and (v) feeling concern or interest; attaching importance to something. To take the time to notice something and empathize with the need for attention that it may exude, requires that the individual delay the typical activities and do those things that will assuage the urge to disseminate said care.  

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In todays society, the incessant perception that rushing to accomplish ‘whatever’, in the pursuit of security and comfort, is the most important thing ‘ever’ causes us to focus in a most myopic fashion. Like akin to a horse with blinders, the view is oriented only to the front. Things on the periphery are never even considered. So, our interactions with other aspects that contribute to wholeness are passed over.

The environment requires that effort be exerted in caring for it. Although nature really needs no help, in pristine situations, mankind has done major reconstruction, in various ways, in multiple biomes. Humans have altered landscapes such that the natural flow of systems, the processes that would normally maintain systems balance, has been near irrevocably degraded.

One of the most fragile ecosystems on earth

Interpersonal interactions are by and large surface in nature. Often, when someone asks how one is doing, they really do not want to hear that the certain person may be struggling. Also, that person may not be so forthcoming as to share their ill-state with someone else. There tends to be this invisible barrier that exist betwixt individuals. Also, due to differences in opinion, groups may choose to avoid interacting with dissimilar groups.

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Self love, self acceptance, self worth . . . . . for many these aspects of self are sorely lacking. Self is totally on the back-burner of life when effort to the external is all that one expends. To be viable in the world, one must TEND to Self. This is not an admonishment for selfishness or self-centeredness, this is a  reminder that one must tend to their own needs in a healthy and loving fashion. One must deem themselves worthy enough of the care that only they can give to themselves.

To care for the environment is to care for one’s self. The environment unquestioningly sustains the entirety of life, stone, vegetable, animal, and man, within her bosom. Caring for the environment is an act of securing the semblance of survival of all life as it is currently known. Interpersonal communication is the gateway to establishing the unity with and other. It a road that can lead to being more caring to someone else. One must often step away from the crowd to provide quality care to themselves. By neglecting one’s self, others will not fully receive a quality of caring that might be given, by the one, to them.

Am I ready?
Which is image. Which is reality

Caring will provide a degree of connectedness to situations and systems that actually matter. Not that connection has to be never-ending. There is a benefit that can be obtained from caring for the overall betterment of the social fabric. Caring is integral a beneficial, conscientious existence on the environmental, psychological, and physiological fronts. It is through caring, even on a minimal basis, that the individual can realize a more accurate concept of self. Self-care is penultimate; once the self is being properly cared for, an overall extension throughout society will be felt.

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