Human-ness and Convenience

The human physical condition is negatively exacerbated by reliance upon modern convenience. Many activities would not be conducted today without using modern implementation. The ease of effort that implementation affords also creates a dependency on the same. Modern convenience engenders a  dismissing of basic human physical capacity.

Car in Crosswalk
Why do cars not me cross he street first??

Preservation of food  is no longer a labor requiring endeavor. The act of gathering food and consuming it requires that effort be expended. There is also the matter of preservation and storage of foodstuffs for leaner times. This is not an issue now since many people merely go to a grocery store and purchase meat, vegetables and canned goods. Although vegetables tend to be readily consumed, canned goods can be stored away and meat can be put into a deep freeze. Thus, the physicality of preparing food for storage is not a major concern.

Trips to the store of a mile or less are typically done by car. Modes of travel and transport have been socialized to involve driving. A study published in the journal The BMJ tracked a group of adults in Beijing, China after they won a randomized lottery allowing them to purchase vehicle permits. “The study found that getting a car had a significant impact on people’s physical activity. They walked less. They cycled less. They used less public transit,” reports Susan Perry.

One step at a time.
For those who are busy, there are creative ways to stimulate metabolism. Standing up and stretching a couple of times an hour will do wonders for the body.

Using modern implementation leads to less reliance on the physical body. This is good for increasing the physical capacities of workers. Greater distances are covered, more weight can be lifted, communication capacity is expanded . . . . . more things can be completed in less time due to modern convenience. At the same time, physical activity becomes less of a need, of a priority, of an interest. There are things that physically must be done but these things are not done on a regular basis. The body, though more productive, becomes less physically capable over time. 

A nice, open air walk.

The body must be utilized for the physical abilities to be maintained. Modern conveniences are beneficial to society. Nonetheless, from the standpoint of physical wellness and wellbeing, the benefits that they provide can, and do, become an inurement. This need not be the case. Modern implements came about as a way to increase human capacity. However, these same implements have become instruments that supplant those physical acts that humans can still easily accomplish. A simple walk, gardening, hunting (field dressing, transporting, preparing – for those that can stomach such actions), foraging – these are all things that fall within the purview of the human body. The natural abilities of the human body can be easily maintained even in the presence of modern implementation.   

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