A Healthy New You . . . . . . YES!!!!!!

In society today, ill-health is increasingly prevalent. Offered programs and available medications are promoted as avenues to better health; however, the benefits of good health can be achieved through more personal endeavors. Thoughts are transformed to actions by simply doing something. Movement, as exercise, results from finding the degree of inspiration that is motivational. Foods chosen, based on healthful qualities, can greatly aid in the pursuit of good health. Being healthy must become a personal quest. Pursue the quest as a continual and non-burdensome experience.

Performed actions result from ideas, concepts and desires; mental directives that form the basis of how one affects their reality. Mental directives – thoughts – are powerful. They can be the impetus that moves mountains. They generate actions that can either be immediately evidenced or they can elicit actions that, over time, produce desired results. It is the latter, results produced over time, that will receive focus. Because time is often taken as something to cram as many things as possible into, it becomes a challenge to spend time doing one thing. Think positive thoughts Attention to one’s health often requires more exclusive focus. Thoughts of becoming healthier must be put into action, into motion, so to speak. Thoughts regularly come and go so it would be easy to let thoughts of becoming healthier simply drift away. It is these thoughts that must be actively latched onto and actualized through actions.

Uttering statements about good intentions may produce warm fuzzy feelings; i. e. “I need to make my health more of a priority” or “I am going to start that fitness routine tomorrow”. The good intentions must be actualized. The fuel for the fire needs to be ignited – the wood may be in the fireplace (intention) but it provides not warmth until fire is applied to it (action). The action taken, as movement, is the place from whence the resultant benefits are to be obtained. The movement must be such that it strikes a chord deep within the individual. Movement, as exercise, if it is to be a sustainable part of one’s lifestyle, must go beyond necessity and tolerance. It must be perpetuated from the motivated mindset. The motivation, must be nurtured for the actions to be continuous. Thus, one must find and identify their source of motivation. Once identified, it can be used as the spark that repeatedly inspires action. The results that come from the continuous actions will follow.


Living requires consumption. All that exists on earth, living entities, must consume in order to sustain themselves and their actions. For humans, there are many options available for food to consume but the quality of the foodstuffs must be such that the body derives proper sustenance from them. Foods provide the nutritional basics that can be readily absorbed and utilized by the body. Typically, for proper health and wellness, foods must be in as ‘natural a state’ as possible and should be prepared by hand. Today’s societal dynamic poses challenges to the ability to consistently prepare food. There are nutritional, pre-prepared (frozen) food options.Energy Albeit, true health and wellness would be difficult to maintain on a diet of pre-prepared foods. For better health and wellness, one should develop a balance between preparing/cooking nutritious meals and searching out the most nutritious pre-prepared food options. In this way, maximum benefits that are obtainable from foods can be acquired.

The Baby New Year has been birthed and, with it, promises made to self. The promises that address Health and Wellness are the most common among those that are made. Many, who make them, struggle to keep them but this need not be the case. Consider that the desires to be healthier can (definitely) be realized. Thoughts can become reality by initiating and completing actions along the lines of that (that are) in line with the desire. Motivation is key to making those thoughts tangible. The inspiration, once identified, behind the motivation can be utilized to sustain the completing of those desired actions on a repeated basis. The actions that are enacted require quality foods to A) effectively provide energy for carrying them out and B) to enable the body to efficiently reap the benefits for m those actions. By applying these points to the achieving of better health and wellness, the road to such will be less arduous. Although challenges will present themselves along the way, the way through them will have been lain before the seeker by adherence to the three points.

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