Mind and Body

Moving like a gentle wind, crashing like a rogue wave.

What is Mind-Body? From a fitness standpoint, Mind-Body is a combination term used to denote activities which bring about the harmonization and synchronization (HnS) of the mind and the body. Such activities are ‘usually done slowly’.

All physical activities involve cooperation between mind and body. However, conscious awareness of how the mind and the body cooperate with each other is the defining quality of mind-body activities. Every aspect of the activity is consciously carried out with awareness and complete inner reflection.

Take some time to vary your workouts. Incorporate some mind-body into your series of regimens. Mind-body will not hinder your workouts as much as it can enhance them. To consciously connect with the actions that engender our everyday movements can be, for some, the most tedious of tasks. However, when this degree of awareness becomes part of our repertoire, it can positively reverberate throughout the rest of our lives.

These positive reverberations come about because of the HnS of mind and body. The HnS of mind and body goes beyond mere physical activity. Mind-body disciplines allow our movements and our breath to be a reflection of each other. We develop the awareness to the degree that continual adjustment and refinement takes place during the activity. Through the practice of mind-body, we teach ourselves how to ‘BE’ in our bodies.

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