The water element is symbolic of fluidity of movement, depth of emotion, existence within cycles. Water is not static and is thus difficult to contain. Water is reflective of (liquid) flow. Nearly all things absorb and allow for the flow of water. Universally / cosmically, fluidity (flow)  can be found throughout creation. Even rocks shrink and expand; over time this can be represented as flow. The state of corporeal flux or flow shifts in response to the time of day. The dynamism of water cannot be contained, nor will it be denied.

Movement in efficiency is fluid. True expression is depth of emotion. Sleeping / waking, seasonal change, the Great Year . . . these are some of the cycles prevalent in this plane of existence. Cycles are representative of water, where each phase of each cycle is invariably linked to the whole. Just as the cycles change, so to the flow of water. Even in the human body there exist an ebb and flow to the state of wakefulness and physiological activity. The dynamic nature of cycles is key to the  manner in which the planet, the solar system, the universe, are all sustained.

To sit and look at a body of water is to observe movement. This is especially true of larger bodies of water. Water is the mobile phase of solidity. Water can be simultaneously resistant or yielding: a flat, broad item hitting parallel to the water’s surface or a thin item entering perpendicular (or at an angle) to the water’s surface.  Liquid can used to find and establish ‘planar’ level. The vails of a beam level are calibrated so that water (liquid) can indicate degree of level at various points on a surface.  That water can be utilized in said fashion is good.

The cycles of nature, the cycles of life, exhibit a rhythmic pulsation. There is advancing and receding, so to speak. Water, in this mundane plane displays this back and forth dynamic. The world, our world, could not exist, let alone thrive, in the absence of a liquid state. The fabric of nature must contain the aspect of fluidity, lest there would be no movement, no interaction, no reproduction. Neither life nor the supporting environment, as is known, would be possible. On the natural level it might be difficult (in some cases) to detect.   

Bodily transfusion of compounds necessary for 3D existence occur via the ease of mobility in the liquid state. Nutrient laden fluids are easily transported throughout the body. This physiological process displays cyclical properties as well nutrients are disseminated into the body and wastes are transported out of the body via that same flow of liquid / water (i. e. blood).

On a higher level, it is the flow of universal energies that provides continuity for all of 3D existence. The ability for energies to morph form to form. This elicits stardust coalescing into stars, solar systems, planets, oceans, various forms of life . . . . . it all flows from one state or station into other various states or stations. This is the quality of water from a universal   perspective.   ,


Planets – Jupiter

Opening the floodgates is a reference to water. It implies that (an) abundance is being made available. Jupiter, as the largest planet of solar system, is emblematic of abundance. Great luck and authority are (generally) symbolized by this planet – as well as plentitude and abundance. It also symbolizes expansion, influence, and sometimes even wealth.

Heavens – Bhuvaloka

The bhuvah loka (the second heaven) has different contextual references. In the levels of universal existence and the material body, bhuvah means “all power” or “the sustainer of all beings. One meaning applicable to the Vedic translations or in prayers to the sun gods is that of a destroyer of sufferings. In the vyahruti part of the Gayatri mantra, bhuvah loka can also represents the astral or sky plane in the universal realm as a distinct world, or plane, of consciousness.

Tantric Practice – Vaishnavachara

The second stage is that of devotion (bhakti)

The Vaishnavachara practices rely greatly on the puranic sacred mythology. It entails the observances of vratas (like fasting, vegetarian diet, celibacy, avocation that is free from violence, restraint in speech, etc.), worship of personal gods (ishta devata, mostly Vishnu) during day time and repetition of sacred formulae (japa) during nights.

Family Placement – Daughter

The expressions of emotionality. The feelings of love, desire and connection. The youthful vibrancy of the daughter is important. To have an optimistic outlook is great when conditions are sub-optimal. Some interpret the daughter as being naive; this is far from the case. In tarot, the daughter presents as a lively active child or youth; one who very hands on and creative; one who is fearless; energetic and has an innate vitality; has a can-do attitude but can also be impetuous and somewhat hedonistic.

Sheaths – Prana

Prana is the coordinating energy behind every physiological activity, from the pumping of the heart to the elimination of waste. The condition and content of this sheath is directly linked to the fullness and completeness of one’s breathing. Improper breathing engenders psycho-physiological dissonance. Unstable pranic energy, via the breath, causes the mind to become agitated and the body’s various systems irregular. Smooth out and lengthen the breath. Prana becomes more stable. The mind gets calmer. All the body’s living systems function more optimally.

If you’re interested in working with your vital energy, yogic breathing practices known as pranayama exercises, increase and regulate prana in the body.

Alchemical Correspondence – Dissolution

The second stage of spiritual alchemy involves dissolving the ashes in water. Water could be interpreted as a symbol for the unconscious, which contains the hidden parts of ourselves of which we are afraid and up until now have not been explored. This is the stage in which one frees themselves from the inauthentic and socially acquired sense of identity. Is the dissolution of the ego in Jungian parlance. Since the dissolution stage. It is also associated with intense emotions, as water often symbolizes the reservoir of emotions contained within. The dissolution stage involves the outlet of repressed emotions from traumatic events that have been pushed down into the psyche. The reward of freeing oneself from past painful experiences can be very (beneficially) cathartic

Calcination –> Dissolution –> Separation –> Conjunction

To all living things, water is of major importance.
“Up to 60% of the human body is water, the brain is composed of 70% water, and the lungs are nearly 90% water. Lean muscle tissue contains about 75% water by weight, as is the brain; body fat contains 10% water and bone has 22% water. About 83% of our blood is water, which helps digest our food, transport waste, and control body temperature.” http://ga.water.usgs.gov/edu/propertyyou.html

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