The earth element is symbolic of stability, consistency and constancy. It is the most dense aspect of this reality. The tangibility of this reality has huge impact upon the senses. One sense that is highly stimulated in the sphere of earth element is that of smell; all things that can be (interpreted) through smell contain the earth element.  In the natural setting smell would be most critical in effecting one’s ability to survive.  Extant reality is experienced because the individual receives sensory transmissions of that are perceived as solidity

Earth presents as stable, non-motile, unchanging. Just as one human can display several moods, so also the earth contains sundry temperaments that coincide with season, weather, and tectonic fluctuations. It has been said that the only constant is change. To be stoic requires some effort. To maintain stability amidst changing circumstances is the true earth quality. There is no way to be stable without the ability to comfortably transition with the changes.

The senses are stimulated by and respond to the perceived stimuli that surrounds us. The earthiness is the container for human body. Yet many want to ’thingify’ their existence and relegate the senses prbedominantly to items, things, so to speak. Although all things on earth come from the earth, industry and modernization have affected an agenda of sense stimulation that disconnects modern society from the earth, as such. The individual can be retrained to having a higher sensitivity to the more organic components of the earth. Thus, allowing for the natural aspects of perceived reality to be promoted.

Smelling. Smell the earth when planting flowers. Smell your Mom’s cooking when walking through the door. Smell the wind as it blows while walking through the forest. Smells connect us to the earth. Without smell, animal life (including human life) would be limited due to a high percentage of existence and survival being based on smell.

Tactile stimulation comes into play when verifying something that one has smelled / is smelling.  Whatever the sensory stimuli derives from, the earth element is the easiest to perceive. Yet, this ease of perception keeps many individuals bound to a reality based on a solidity. The vibrational rate of earth objects is slow. The lower self needs senses the can deal with the slower rate of input


Planet – Saturn

The planet Saturn is associated with the earth element. Concepts of limitation and restriction are connected to Saturn and are often viewed as depressing Even so, meaning and structure can arise from the aforementioned concepts. Restrictions of matter and time require commitment, responsibility, and boundaries. Undergoing limitations and practicing self-control creates dedication to responsibility and discipline – something that is much needed in striving to succeed at one’ goals.

Heavens – Bhurloka

There is a lower heaven realm called Bhurloka that is, in fact, the earth realm existing in a state of self awareness.. comprehending its oceans, mountains and rivers and extending as far as it is illuminated by the rays of the sun and moon. The term Bhu(r)Loka translates as Earth-World. It is considered to be one of the lower planes of existence, and is thought to be only a small part of all reality as a whole.

Tantric Practice – Vedachara

Vedachara is a tantric practice and is part of the Vaidik rites. It is oriented towards bodily cleanliness and cultivation of the mind. The worship is external and ritual in character and aims at strengthening dharma. Vedachara is the path of action.

In the first stage cleanliness of the body and mind is cultivated

Family Placement – Mother

Connecting to the earth element is to experience the fullness of the mother. Goddesses of birth, fertility, prosperity, abundance, death, and rebirth, they are the bestowers and disseminators of life. Clearly, Mothers were once wildly popular throughout pre-Christian Europe. Their veneration seems to date back to over 25,000 years. The Mothers were venerated in both Celtic and Teutonic regions and by the rich and poor, men and women alike. The primordial deity throughout the world has always been the mother-goddess.

Sheaths – Anna

This energy aspect is the lowest and most tangible. The majority of people know that they have a body, yet many do not know their bodies.  Injuries, accidents, and eating compulsions and other addictions—often come from the tendency to move and use the body without feeling how it responds. Developing inner awareness of the body is a major constituent of the annamayakosha sheath.  You will begin to sense what kind of food you need and how much. Your attention will become grounded. Consciously inhabiting your physical body will bring more presence and ease to your life.

Alchemical Correspondence – Conjunction

Conjunction refers to the process of combining the elements from the previous three stages. In a sense, we see what is of value that still remains within and then begin to combine these elements to form one’s authentic self. We begin a process of embodiment as the spirit begins its process of materialization. The re-membering of body and soul is underway as different strands of the true self are being drawn together. , The harmonization of polarities (male and female, body and soul, spirit and matter, etc) is achieved between the different elements of our being. The attributes typically associated with the feminine (intuition and emotion) unify with those attributes conventionally associated with the masculine, (intellect and logic).

Calcination –> Dissolution –> Separation –> Conjunction

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