Discussion of the elements . . .

The elements are important for the existence of 3D reality. One discovers that withIn them exists the potentialities which are constantly deciphered by the senses. Modern science has regulated elements to refer (only) to those atoms that exist on the periodic table. It is  important that earth, air, fire and water not be assessed from a solely physical standpoint. To grasp the entirety of the elements is to realize that they are physical representations of essences and processes,

Examples of the elements are evident at every turn. There is nothing that we encounter that does not consist of an elemental constitution. This constitution of this (earthly) realm consists of combinations of various chemical’ elements as well as combinations of various metaphysical qualities. Focusing on these qualities will allow for going beyond gross, mundane existence. In no way is this an attempt to displace mundane reality. In accepting the mundane one can go beyond the appearances of temporary solidity.

The senses encounter the (metaphysical) elements. The qualities of hot (air/fire), dry (fire/earth), cold (earth/water), wet (water/air) are the basis of tactile stimulation. These elemental aspects are tangible manifestations of the underlying basis for all that can be encountered. Interactions with regular items can restrict the conceptualizing of deeper aspects of what how they came about.

Modern science has progressed immensely from the place whence it originated. Metaphysical concepts of the elements were key to describing ‘nature’ as such. Yet, the elements, as such, could not quantifiably describe the more intrinsic aspects of solid reality. Modern science has been key to many innovations that convey ease to mundane existence. It also entrains the conceptualizations of reality been a physico-sensory phenomenon.

Physical reality, at the core, is empty space. Modern science has demonstrated that very fact. The ability to physically assess the constituents of (what is consider) reality provides a foundation for daily life and living. Yet, to go beyond the daily items provides an insight into the real underpinnings of that which is considered as mundane. The metaphysical elements are  qualities that give rise to physical existence.

Thus, there are Air, Fire, Water, Earth.  Air is the quality of spaciousness. Fire is the quality of action / movement. Water is the quality of semi-solid movement. Earth is the quality of solidified energies . . . . . . this is the point from which mundane, solid existence emerges.  Solid (3D) existence is cognized as ‘what (there) is’ to reality. All that is taken as being real results from higher states of non-physical physicality. The (metaphysicality of these) elements are (lends to the) higher states of the aspects for which they are named. They are to be found in every extant thing on the physical plane.

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