The fire element is symbolic of energy, transformation and directness. Fire is a destructive force. Yet, it can be controlled, directed and channeled. Fire element is action. It is a bringing together of energies (under a pressure) that  produces heat. In the body, heat results from the multitudinous reactions that are occurring  constantly. The star Sol is a smallish nuclear reactor in the Milky Way Galaxy that epitomizes the qualities of the fire energy.

Two extremes typically come to mind when envisioning fire element.  The extremes of destruction and benefit. These are not mutually exclusive. Fire burns through and destroys part of a forest. This is ecologically beneficial. The overgrowth is thinned out and allows for the emergence of new growth. This synergy can and must be understood and utilized for the holistic benefit of all existence. The action of change does not mean that the current life comes to an end. This action, this energy, is an actual doorway, a transition into a new phase.

A heat reaction is sustained in the mundane plane from the confluence of specific aspects the comprise the fire triangle, (i.e. – fuel, ignition, air). The emission of the energy generates (a) pressure. The release of this pressure gives off heat. The use of pressure cookers is predicated on the enclosing of heat energy to rapidly prepare (certain) foods. Of course, the generation of pressure has destructive implications as well  (i.e. (fire)arms, bombs, etc . . .). There is a concurrent dynamic as relates to fire that humans need to (intelligently) navigate. For gain or loss. For ill or good. One might find it a difficult challenge to say which is which, in a given situation.

Fire is a result of reactions that take place and, until said conditions are non-conducive, will continue. Nuclear fission is a specific type of heat generating reaction, it is specific to radioactivity but, in a perfect world, the totality of bodily reactions could fall under the heading of nuclear activity. A stretch, for certain, Yet, the energy of the sun, the fire energy, the energy of action, and the physiological generation of heat, can be defined as vaguely similar in many cases.    


Planets – Mars

Mars is the planet of action in astrology. Passion, determination, drive, and energy are some aspects of life that Mars controls. This planet commands that things get done. In the world of love and romance, Mars rules sexual energy and desire, basic physical attraction and chemistry. It also rules your sense of anger and wrath and aggression; the basic animalistic, instinctive side of us that fights for survival. By harnessing this planet’s energy properly, productive action will easily ensue. When used the right way, it can be a key motivator. When struggling to complete a task, try and tap into Mars energy for a much-needed boost. 

Heavens – Svargaloka

Swargaloka (Svarga) is the fifth-highest loka in the material universe. It is the loka of the devas and devis. In the center of Swargaloka is the peak of Mount Meru (Mount Sumeru). This mountain begins from the Earth and stretches till Svarga. On Mount Meru is the beautiful and grand city of Indra, Amaravati. Surrounding Mount Meru are planets, on which there are cities and palaces of various other devas and devis. Swargaloka has unimaginable riches, beautiful gardens, delicious food and wish-fulfilling trees. The devas and devis live here in comfort and happiness.

Tantric Practice – Shaivachara

The third stage is that of knowledge (jnana)

The Shaivachara is likewise an extension of the Vedachara, with a sectarian variation relying on the Smrtis along with the Puranas which glorify Shiva (the destroyer / renewer). This practice advocates the observance of vratas (“vows, resolves, devotions”; refers to pious acts of fasting and pilgrimage) and worship of personal gods (mostly male)

Family Placement – Son

The son is energetic and outgoing. He is an adventurer type in search of conquest and victory. The energy of the son is the elemental highpoint. The son can be impertinent and headstrong when discipline is lacking. The son must be shown to properly utilize the ‘strength of the tiger’ and the ‘wisdom of the dragon’. with age and experience come wisdom. When the son gives attention to proper instruction, he becomes wise beyond his years.

Sheaths – Mano

The third layer (manomayakosha) corresponds to your mind, emotions, and nervous system—expressed as streams of thoughts, feelings, and sensations. Overactivity in this kosha wears on the nervous system and is expressed emotionally. Yoga helps calm our minds and soothe our nervous systems, allowing you to recover from the effects of stress and fatigue on your third body. It is the sheath of the five senses that allows us to receive, absorb, and process input from the external world, governing our automatic responses and reflexes. When you go on autopilot and zone out, you’re operating from your manomaya kosha.

Alchemical Correspondence – Calcination

Calcination is ‘the initial’ phase of alchemy. It deals with preparing base matter to be transformed. The preparation is accomplished by fire. It focusses on one’s existence: on stripping away the non-essentials that veil the persona. The stage is set for the spirit to begin awakening. Worldly attachments are assessed and released at this stage. Thus, clearing the path for development of a higher level of consciousness and refinement of the spirit.

Calcination –> Dissolution –> Separation –> Conjunction

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