Movement – A.I. – Energy

What is your fitness regimen??? One must have one. One must do ‘something’ to keep the psycho-physio-spiritual mechanisms in tune. A definite disconnect has developed in our present society. Our  workaday, computer oriented world offer many benefits, yet it serves to disconnect the individual from nature. Many activities that humans used to undertake are fading into a bygone era. Walking through a grocery store, raking leaves, pushing a lawn mower, taking the stairs, school mandated gym time . . . . these and other activities are avoided (especially as we age). Engaging in these activities on limited (and consistent) basis will provide lasting benefits to the individual.

Good posture
The core is engaged. The shoulders are strongly pulled back.

I recently listened to a YouTube presentation that discussed various facets of the spiritual journey. How the mental is affected by the physical and how it simultaneously affects the spiritual. This very process also functions in the opposite direction. What really, discordantly struck home was that these individuals seemed to espouse the concrescence of A. I. and the human psyche. They promoted the idea that humans would become more-so intertwined with A. I. with each passing generation. They also foretold of humans participating    body in a A. I. generated reality and that it would enhance human capability. Perhaps this is a skeptical outlook but I do not see the next Tour-de-France champion arising from a A. I. training environment . . . However, after consideration, I could be looking at this from a limited viewpoint.

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More to the point, it is difficult to fathom how the energetic connections between humans and the the earth, the cosmos can be facilitated through A. I. generated means. This is an expansion of awareness that must be developed organically. It still remains important that the individual stimulate themselves on those psycho-physio-spiritual levels. To vibrate at a higher frequency requires that (some) effort be  expended. The expansiveness must be felt in  the quest to elevate beyond 3-D perception, 3-D limitation. A. I. could be of some assistance in this regard but, ultimately, the body must come to the expansiveness through the unaided efforts of the individual.

Chakric Empowerment

Exercise on even the most basic of levels: i. e. walking and deep breathing. Mental stimulation via ingesting higher order concepts. Meditation, Pranayama, Ecstatic movement, Chanting, Prayer . . . .. these and associated variations are the vehicles through which the individual can approach higher levels of vibration, expanded levels of consciousness. It must all be initiated from 3D effort . . . . Mentally directed, focused effort.  An important Chinese medical teaching – Yi dao qi dao (pronounced ee dow chee dow) is the statement meaning that as thinking arrives then energy arrives. This is a one-sentence secret to train your consciousness. Mind leads energy. Mind is the boss of energy. When you focus your consciousness on some part of your business, energy will flow there and then matter will follow. Put in the consistent effort and all will be brought together. Physical Health, Mental Acuity, Spiritual Expansiveness will all be as One-ness.

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