Expressing Realness . . . .

Who is able to realize their own potential? That which lies dormant inside but screams to be released, expressed, exhibited. So many of us short circuit our own brilliance for . . .what? For conformity’s sake. For acceptance? For . . . security? What does this all mean? We place ourselves into societal boxes that allow others to view us in fashion that is agreeable to them. However, it is the contorting into the constraints of acceptability that keep one anchored to the hamster wheel of complacent continuity. So, it is then up to the individual to say . . . ‘Fuck It’ . . . or in the words of Ronald (Donald Sutherland) in the movie ‘Backdraft’ . . . Burn it . . . Burn It ALL!!!

Beyond the box
Thinking outside of the box

One must become bold enough to expand beyond the self imposed entrapments that they themselves have maintained. This is usually due to external events or circumstances. One clings to them in an effort to ‘be normal’. Breaking free of them, in a wholesome manner is most critical. Wholesomeness must be observed because veering into the darkness residing within one’s self only serves to leave a swath of emotional or (and) physical turmoil in it’s wake. One does not want to relieve their emotional baggage onto others. It may negatively trigger, within those who have been dumped upon, undue suffering.

To be cared for
Woman taking a man’s temperature in bed.

It is up to the individual to commit to self reflection. The inward exploration can result in uncovering the untapped potential that is within their grasp. Those beneficent aspects that reside within are those things which can and should be manifested in this reality. We are so accustomed to giving into the ‘normality’ of everyday existence. If we were to trust that inner guide and do that which would be beneficial (to self and others), we would achieve that ‘next level’ of existence. That level which we so often are wont to tell ourselves is beyond our grasp.    

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