Be Well Seated

Habits are the major contributors to health and fitness. One’s well-being on all levels can be fully enhanced when beneficial habits are consistently observed and undertaken. We hold our wellness in the palms of our hands, in the movement of our breath, in the thoughts that we entertain. One habit that can have lasting beneficial affects is the manner in which we habitually sit. It may seem insignificant but sitting can lent to or detract from the habits that we already are observing.

The daily grind puts us into situations that require focus. Focusing on doing things and looking at things puts us into positions that are less than optimal. It has been  evidenced that good posture bestows a plethora of benefits to the individual. Among them are:

  • 1. Better breathing
  • 2. Super self-confidence
  • 3. Back relief
  • 4. Improved mood
  • 5. Optimal digestion
  • 6. Look skinnier
  • 7. Reduced headaches
  • 8. Greater function as you age
  • 9. Boosted energy
  • 10. Improved concentration

It is so easy to overlook one’s posture during the giving of attention to daily responsibilities.

Good posture/Bad posture
Good posture is advantageous for overall health

One easy way to combat this health impacting is to pay attention to the way that on sits. Yes. Sitting is a very easy method of addressing posture throughout the course of one’s day, that is if there is occasion to sit during that time.  Sitting properly sets many positive affects to the body into motion. The spine is more correctly in line. This alleviates undue vertebral forces that become problematic over time. The nervous system is able to function in a more beneficial manner which puts the internal organs more-so into sync. By sitting up straight the core receives a passive workout and who does not want a more properly functioning core.

 This small thing can provide so many benefits to the body . . . . put the phone down, roll the shoulders back, lengthen the torso . . . in short, sit better.

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