Energetics of Nude Yoga Practice

There are no piuctures of people doing nude yoga . . . feel free to use your imagination!!

Practicing nude yoga assists in achieving deeper spiritual connections. This is due to the enhanced accumulation of cosmic vibration (energy, prana, chi). Nude practices are touted as providing limited physical benefits. They (do) provide psycho-physical enhancement and liberation. This is novel as society at large is one that is always clothed and inside of a building. Nude practices, of recent, are at the crux of a sensationalist explosion. Many flock to classes where nude yoga is offered. Yet nude practices have been part of the human experience for many years.

core stability and joint stabilization
This pose enforces the joint stabilization and limb extension necessary for downward facing dog.

How can practicing in the nude provide for deeper spiritual connection?? In a word, . . . breath! More accurately, respiration. What needs to be considered is that breath and breathing connects us to the cosmic vibration. A deceased body cannot be revived due to the incapability to absorb and utilize energy. Studies show that a small percentage of human respiration (breathing) occurs at the subcutaneous level (at the skin). Breathing is one of the ways that cosmic vibrations are infused into the body. A small percentage of respiration happens subcutaneously and can pursued for extra energy accumulation. “A human being can take on average between 1% and 2% of oxygen in the air” (Ernstene & Volk, 1932). The more breath that is absorbed, the more deeply that a cosmic connection can be established on the physical-mental-spiritual levels.

Nude yoga (does) help in bolstering one’s physical and mental self-perceptions. Many people state their image of self and acceptance of their bodies improved as they practiced nude yoga. Practicing nude yoga assist in the elimination of waste material from the body. The largest organ of elimination is the skin but it is always covered in clothing. “Going naked is great for healthy skin,” according to plastic surgeon and skincare expert Dr. Michael Fiorillo. “It helps the elimination of sweat toxins that clothing can reintroduce to the body and better overall blood circulation.”

intense twisting posture from a standing position. Ground through the rear foot and initiate the rotation from the rear ankle, rotating the rear outer hip down toward the ground and spiraling the torso.

Societal tendencies toward clothing and indoor lifestyles limit the exposure to those energies that circulate in the air. Experiments conducted in the Brisbane College of Traditional Acupuncture and Natural Therapies in Australia have consistently demonstrated the negative effects of clothing on chi flow. The chi flow through a specific meridian was tested without clothes (100%) and with clothes, nylon briefs, (60%). Indoor lifestyles have been shown to expose those inhabitants to a fivefold increase in air pollutants versus spending more time outside. However, the vast majority of people (77%) believe that indoor air is just as polluted or cleaner than that found outside. In effect, these two situations can reduce or hamper the amount of energy that is available for use.

There is an explosion of access to group nude (yoga) practices. Nude energetic practices, of all types are being espoused and promoted (to the masses). There is a definite community of practitioners that find solace in approaching these practices in a group setting. It can be that that group provides a sense of support for many participants. The thing about nude yoga is that practicing it can be, and is, considered weird or blasphemous in our protestant-oriented, prudish, uptight society. This practice, in a pure form, with no attachment to pornography or the like, can be a beneficial endeavor for the participant.

Nude practices are not novel as they have been part of the human experience for ages. Naked yoga also called nagna yoga has been around for centuries. In India, the practice of bare-naked can be traced back to religious ascetics and monks sadhu. Stripping down for a sadhu is symbolic and signifies them renouncing all material possessions. For sadhu, the ability to break free from everything earthy and physical is one of the steps to achieve spiritual enlightenment and liberation . . . moksha. All of this along with accessing and accumulating more of the cosmic vibrations.

Bandhas in action
Deep Breathwork

In my own personal practice, I do an occasional nude session. I find that it is no different from practicing while being clothed. I do enjoy the feeling of liberation and I do experience a sense of increased energy. Why don’t I do it more regularly?? I think that my practices are sufficient on the spiritual level. Through the eight fold yoga path, tai chi, qi gong and other activities, my prana / chi flow is more than adequate. Even though I could increase my practice of nude yoga, I feel that doing so would take away from the experiencing of the union with the cosmos. In short, I feel that my occasion individual practice is more conducive to my journey. I prefer practicing in the manner that I currently do as opposed to more frequent of group practice.

Totally, this is just my approach. If you feel so inclined . . . . “Do as thou wilt”.

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