Community Alternatives

How would an end-time community best thrive? A community will thrive based on the degree to which knowledge is coalesced and disseminated, skills are shared, resources are combined, and cooperation is experienced. There are several FB memes that address the end-time community topic to a greater or lesser degree. There are communities which are currently utilizing the aforementioned protocols. There are alternatives to promoting end time community cohesiveness, for certain. The amenability of each option will be up to the individual.

Projections of end time communities are typically centered around post-apocalyptic scenarios. There would necessarily need to be some degree of a uniting influence holding those resultant societies together. The barren wasteland ambiance. The marauding horde. The walled in city-town. The perceived outlook, at least from my perspective, would be one of ‘how can people possibly survive in this environment’? Although, people are resilient (to a fault), existing under such conditions would, generally, be a far cry from that of everyday western living.

This brings up the ‘ARCOSANTI’ project. Arcosanti is a projected experimental town Its arcology (ecological architecture) concept is designed to demonstrate how urban conditions could be improved while minimizing the destructive impact on the Earth. The concept presents to opportunity to bring to the fore skills utilization, cooperation, resource sharing, and knowledge dissemination. Everyone would depend, intimately, on everyone. Although theoretical in concept, the Arcosanti vision holds (some) potential for end-time societal existence in a positive space.. A major barrier to implementing this concept is the readiness of the populous, at large, accept this theoretical concept as a viable option.



Some Facebook memes are a bit more favorable to the end time scenarios. Some (of them) present a ‘Day after tomorrow’ visage. Whereas there is the promotion of a more cooperative approach in others. The plethora of potential outcomes is evidence of the uncertainty with which an end-time existence is conceptualized. Will it be doom and gloom, zombies, post nuclear war. Will it be the world-wide realization that everyone needs (to honor, accept, and cooperate with) others to affect their own survival. Definitely, this is something worth pondering  

Aside from the theoretical community of Arcosanti, there are (several) communities that currently promote a sustainable lifestyle and the capability to thrive within the shadow of societal environmental collapse. Some of these communities are off-the-grid, little more than subdivisions beyond the reach of power companies, Homeowners in these communities fend for themselves with their own ideas of renewable energy. Others take the intentional community approach, in which like-minded residents cohabitate a la communes.

However, there is the doom and gloom approach to the end times scenario. Many people today are embracing one of them, for sure. That being, the need for guns to ensure the ‘safety’ of that which they may have. These (same) guns could also be used to procure (those) things which one may not actually possess (by marauding, raiding, pillaging). There is also the option of just laying down and waiting to be overtaken, no struggle, no muss, no fuss. The necessity of guns, for protection, does hold some merit but I don’t see that many people would want to just let themselves slip into oblivion . . . . . well, I would not want that.

So, the end times . . . what will they consist of??? Will it be Armageddon?? Will it be barren wasteland survival of the fittest?? Will it be the realization of the ‘Absurdity of who I AM’?? Will the come to see that a bundle of twigs is much stronger than a single solitary stick?? It is really hard to say. Personally, I don’t see humanity coming to that collective realization of the strength of their ‘oneness’. Especially with those who pull the strings keeping us divided . . . not only against each other but Against OURSELVES.

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