Lean Back . . . Lean Back!!

Gravity is a relentless taskmaster. In addition to keeping things grounded, it requires the body to continually expend effort in maintaining the bi-pedal, upright posture. Many unknowingly drop the ball in this regard. People in modern society are functioning with less than optimal posture because many activities are facilitating this phenomenon. Backbends to the rescue. Backbends can be restoratively releasing to the front of the body and engagingly stimulating to the back of the body. Backbends are also charging to the nervous system   

Table Top Up Arm Extended

The effect of gravity is downward, always. Nothing floats up because of this influence. Ergo, everything on the surface of the earth is under this effect. The human body is not exempt. Gravity is necessary for the development and maintenance of the musculo-skeletal system. To be bi-pedal (upright) requires that one expend effort, put in work. Modern lifestyles and lack of activity, for much of society, are aspects that are missing from their overall physical well-being. To reverse the physical effects of gravity, one must ensure that tone and strength are the posterior musculatures.

Length of the lumbar spine
The stability of the shoulders and the hips enables us to sustain this position.

Modern society has conditions unsupportive of adequate posterior chain engagement. Situations of inadequate posterior chain engagement can be counteracted and corrected with specific movements and exercises. Posture and mobility will steadily degrade in the absence of corrective action and movement. The movements need not be complicated, yet they need to be consistently utilized. Many exercise programs neglect these movements. However, it is these movements are necessary to balance out bodily musculatures and for proper movement and posture.

Shoulder Stability, Hip stability, Heart opening

Backbends provide phenomenal positive effects for posterior chain. Basic and more accessible backbend are chair bridges and supine simple bridge pose. These can be progressed up to single leg bridging. This will add the extra benefit of hip stabilization. Some of more engaging backbends are full wheel and full lightning bolt. There are also the variations of grasshopper pose. there are several others as well. The main thing is to approach these pose within the ability level currently attained. Advance with caution.

Backbends provide the body with postural and movement benefits. Many daily activity are biased toward the front of the body becomes closed or shortened; in addition to most exercise routines being front body dominant. Backbends are beneficial movements for opening up the heart, chest areas . . . and in general the front of the body. They are good for stimulating the nervous system. This can be useful for dealing with depression, uncertainty and general malaise.

Take time to bring backbends, on some level, into the daily movement pattern. One will discover thinks about themselves as this part of the body is typically avoided, due to the non-visible nature of the body part. Spend some time in developing posterior awareness.

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