When we move . . . . . .

There is always a clamoring for what one can do for their exercise routines. Especially in todays hectic-paced world. What can one do, indeed? Although not a full-fledged workout there are options for getting the body into moving. Here are a few choice maneuvers:

Some basic modalities for strength training

Office Workout

Desk Squats

Desk Push-Ups

Hanging Stretch

Stair Climbing


Push up

Pull up

Leaning supine row

Squat Variations

One more rep!!!!1
Playing the edge. Getting stronger.


Bench Press variations

Arm Curl variations

Squat variations

Dead Lift variations



Cross Fit

Gladiator Fitness

These are just basic ideas for movements. They address the whole body and are intended to hit the major muscle groups. Variations on these themes can be instituted by the individual. There is information available that can provide insight and guidance.

Time is usually the limiting factor with regard to exercising. One must plan their fitness sessions according to what is available timewise. Twenty to thirty minutes every other day can be adequate for most general fitness and wellness purposes.

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