To go just beyond

Rising to the challenge. It is often a scenario that many avoid. To stretch the limits of one’s self perceived, self imposed limitations. There is nothing that the body cannot accomplish, within reason. The body-mind-spirit complex is designed to exist within / between two (worlds). The cosmic energetic emanations from on high and the energies of earthly substances from below. This combination of energies can be directed in an effort to facilitate the bringing of desires, ideas, and imaginings into 3D reality. Herein is the challenge, to look at obstacles as stepping stones and to see walls as transparent delineations twixt what is versus what one envisions.

One step at a time.
For those who are busy, there are creative ways to stimulate metabolism. Standing up and stretching a couple of times an hour will do wonders for the body.

This task is daunting for many. This is a challenge that is typically avoided, especially in a world where towing the line and fitting in has been normalized. To be regular is accepted. This is not to say that normal is bad. Rather that normal does not stretch us or induce metamorphosis to another level. In pushing a little further beyond what usual, one begins to recognize abilities within themselves. These abilities require cultivation . . . . attention and nurturing, for the growth to continue.

One more rep!!!!1
Playing the edge. Getting stronger.

Within Michael Murphy’s volume, The Future of the Human Body, the purport is that there are innate abilities that lay dormant for the multitude of humans.   Athletic abilities, religio-spiritual manifestations, advanced mental capacities . . . instances of these and others are outlined in the book. The book states that many more humans could develop said abilities if they had the options and the opportunities to pursue them. It seems that the many are content with watching from the sidelines and marveling at what others (have worked at in others) achieve. If they would but endeavor to get into the game.

We all can do things deemed unimaginable and impossible. It is a matter making a continual effort. Constantly advancing in a certain direction. Taking those incremental steps to achieve that envisioned something, that desired outcome, that longed for imagining. Until one is willing to affect the actions of going beyond those seeming limits, they will remain as self-imposed limitations. All humans have the potential to move into that beyond space. Although some humans do believe in the superiority of a select group. This can easily be overcome when humans, collectively, their own innate, advanced capacities within the totality of all humans.   

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