Persistently Persistent in Your Persistence

Persistence is a great quality to develop and (to) have at one’s disposal. Motivated effort will be in short supply if persistence If not developed, Tasks that are not commensurate with one’s interest will fall by the wayside without the discipline of persistence. It is important to realize that one cannot accomplish what needs to be done without that stick-to-it-iveness, that focus, that . . . drive!! The dreaming must be combined with action by utilizing persistence as the binding substance.

Bound within a circle
Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’ . . . into the future!!!

Persistence as a noun is defined as ‘firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition’. That implies that a dogged determination be in play regardless of any challenges or setbacks that may arise. Persistence is not a happenstance quality. Acquiring it requires that laser focused resolve always be in play. One is more easily able to engage this degree of focus over time. It is akin to exercising but the exercising is mental. That part of the brain, specifically the  Anterior Cingulate Cortex, becomes ‘stronger’ as the quality of persistence is consistently and successfully brought to bear on the various tasks that one encounters.

There must be some interest in the undertaking of a particular task, be it minimal or overarching.  The  interest in finishing the task at hand is important and must take precedence in bringing it to conclusion. When that degree of interest is not present, another impetus must be injected. That impetus must be derived from the desire to see the action brought to fulfillment. It may be a work of art, a writing project, a home construction project. It could be an extended, multi-team project at work that needs an appointed coordinator to collate and oversee to completion. These can either be enjoyable tasks or things that one is obligated to do. Without any degree of persistence, none of this is going to happen.

The persistent pulse of the measured tread . . . .

bPersistence is that () which facilitates someone pushing onward. When that project is exposed to the individual’s determined stick-to-it-iveness, it will be completed. When a seemingly challenging goal is conceived of, that intense laser focus will zero in on it. It will be accomplished. One must drive the vehicle of persistence along the road of accomplishing to the destination of completion. The taking on of a task, even if it is not something that is favorable, must be approached with the attitude of it already being completed, in stepwise fashion.

To dream big, to dream at all, is easy. For said dream to come to fruition means that one must put forth the necessary action in order for it to be actualized. Often, the translucent vision is not brought to material solidity. It floats in space for many people because the consistent effort required to translate the dream to a materialized state is lacking. Yet, it is just a matter of taking the dream to heart and working step by step to build it, to create it, to be able to say that ‘I DID That!!

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Persistence can be likened unto focused consistency. There can be no wavering. The carrot on the stick can be attained.  Minimal interest need not be a barrier to going forward; it should, in fact, engender that much more desire to see the task through to the end. One’s degree of persistence can be developed to the point one’s being impervious to challenge, difficulty and / or setback. Let dreams be the source for ignition. As you go forward with the flame of effort lighting the way, take care and keep the flame lit with your persistence.

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