Connecting Mind-Body

Through proper focusing, the mind body connection can be extended beyond (basic) thought and action. The mind and body are linked. Yet, many people function under the auspices of the either / or dynamic. The logic of mind is what externally controls the denizens of the world as far as their points of view and perceptions. The body holds subconscious sway over the desires and drives of people in the world. Either mind or body can be a repository of events, traumatic or pleasant, that can affect the other. It is through practices that can unite them that the journey of holistically approaching a more equanimous life outlook begins.

The basic perception of mind body connections consists of sitting composed in a meditative state or expressing high levels of physical prowess. These are the high levels of mind body connection. Everyday, the mind and the body function together; mostly, on an unconscious level. Thus. the mind and the body perform in basic degrees of unison. The tasks that people engage in, that they undertake, are rote activities. Awareness is necessary for navigating the everyday world. However, thoughts and actions do not typically rise beyond what is required to handle the daily obligations. Yet, the mind body connection can be focused to the degree that surpasses high physical prowess or basic states of meditation.

The mind body connection enables the individual to function in integrated fashion throughout the day. In consideration of what is required to function daily actions.  The mind handles the mental activities, and the body handles the physical responsibilities. Effort is exerted to control everything. However, studies demonstrate the possibility that less effortful attention or effortless attention (not striving to control) can contribute to improved performance in activities involving creativity, sensorimotor skills or implicit learning. The mind and body connection is more capably expressed through the adequately focused levels of attention. The mind and body can function as one unity but reliance upon one over the other must be suspended.

Logic controls the world. Logical thought is what is promoted and projected into society. The ability to connect to more holistic forms of cognition can enable more integrated involvement in the world. Society, by and large, is not directed to this type of cognition. Logic has provided modern society with many theories and devices that make life easier. Yet, this logic does not provide for the possibility that the benefits of modern society can be extended to all. The mind, logically, only conceives of what is immediately beneficial . . . to that specific mind.

Intense Seated Forward Bend
This pose is great for taking breath into the backside of the body. Even so, there must still be breath going into the front side of our body as well.

The body is an awesome construct. It is the vehicle through which people interact / interface with the physical world. Without conscious awareness of bodily interactions with the external environment (by sating gustatory cravings, pursuing sensual / sexual pleasure, etc) attachment to the physical can occur. It can become so ingrained that a person may not be able to easily extricate themselves These attachments become like a suit which cannot be removed from the body. It cannot be seen because the body has become inundated on the subconscious level.     

This is a picture of Snake creeps down

The mind body connection is typically viewed from the outward appearance; judged by marvelous feats of athleticism or asceticism. The mind and body are integrally intertwined but the union is entertained in only surface fashion: the individual engages the connection only in as much as is necessary. More than not, societal norms create a disconnect between mind and body. The mental, to the belittlement of the physical, is viewed as superior. Much of society is ‘in their head’. Many people are easily distracted and give little attention to that which cannot be seen, felt or tasted. Yet, the integrating of mind and body can be facilitated through practices such as  yoga, tai chi / qigong. Practicing these modalities can assist with resolving trauma and injuries that have become imbedded in, and are unconsciously expressed from, the physio-mental matrix (mind-body complex). Once released, the individual can pursue developing their own mind-body connection to a sgtate of no-limits.

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