We need to be active

Even though the responsibilities of the day can be very pressing, it behooves one to take two to five minutes from each hour to do something physical on a personal level.  Even the activities in a physically involved job require movements that ‘unwind’ the body, so to speak. Pushing objects, constantly being bent forward, twisting continually in one direction, lifting (things) or reaching overhead . . . . these actions all mandate that certain movements, or combination of them, to reset the body and maintain a state of balance for expression of strength.

One more rep!!!!1
Playing the edge. Getting stronger.

One’s activities through the day set up the body to be locked into certain patterns. One’s occupation can become one’s prison. Movement patterns become mechanically repetitive and because the world is, for the most part, designed in a one-sided fashion, these patterns become ingrained into the body. The influence of gravity is insidiously consistent. It imperceptibly impacts the body by weakening / lengthening extensor muscles and tightening / shortening flexor muscles. This allows the body to be further relegated within restrictive movement patterns.

Being Vigilant and being active can help in maintaining postural and movement integrity of the body. Posture does not have to deteriorate. Back muscles can be strong and toned. The core can properly play the role of stabilizer and mobilizer. The gluteal and hip muscles can be conditioned to properly function in their prescribed role. These are all critical areas of function. Age and gravity can wreak havoc on them. Yet, simple movements, performed on a regular basis can keep the impacts of gravity and age at bay.

What are some of the basic movements that one can do everyday to keep the body active and capable? Chair bridging stimulates and tones the extensor chain muscles. Standing wall twisting can unwind and balance the spine. Walking, of course, is always an option . . . park at the far end of the parking lot. Push-ups and squats . . . of any kind will help in maintaining the general strength of the body.

To breath or not to breath . . . . . . .
Inhale, switch nostril, hold, Exhale, hold, inhale . . . . switch nostrils. Wash, Rinse, Repeat . . . .

So let us not be resigned to our jobs and careers as we become locked in to the movement limitations imposed by them. Be more active, pay attention to your posture, breath more DEEPLY!!!  

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