Exercise: As easy as a walk in the park

What is in a walk? How can this simple, accessible activity be beneficial? What level of frequency must one employ to distill from it any benefit? Many feel that getting ‘quality’ exercise involves going to a gym or some type of facility for engaging in the body in maximum exertion. This is not always the case. Quality exercise can be obtained through the intertwining of walking with some other (type of) activity. In addition, walking can be done at any time; that makes it a most convenient modality.

One step at a time.
For those who are busy, there are creative ways to stimulate metabolism. Standing up and stretching a couple of times an hour will do wonders for the body.

Walking is the means, by which the entirety of humans spread across the face of the earth. To get from here to there, one had to walk. One of the issues that besets modern society is the proliferation of convenience. Cars negate the need to walk for many people. The need to be in several places within a specific amount of time make the need for cars indispensable. Chairs, that are available at many jobs,  allow for sitting down. Sitting down, although comfortable and necessary, has downsides for the health of the body. Modern technologies, as such, lead to many people choosing to be less active, over time.


155-pound person walking at a moderate (3.5 mph) pace on a flat surface for one hour burns approximately 232 calories. Adding in various calisthenic movements with the walk will provide variation to the workout, improve muscular strength and increase caloric expenditure. For example – for 10 – 20 reps: Burpees 4 – 8 calories, Crunches 2 – 4 calories, Jumping Jacks 2 – 3 calories, Sit-ups 2 – 5 calories, Push-ups 4 – 9 calories, Squats 3 – 5 calories. The frequency can be every other day for one to two miles. Coupled with healthy diet and rest, the body would reap definite benefits.



Exercises can be added during the walk that will increase the physiological benefits of the activity. The body would be stimulated to burn calories after the activity can be completed. This provides variation and can motivate one to engage with more interest in the activity. Pick any four  activities and intersperse them every quarter of a mile for the course of a mile long walk and one can expend 240 – 259 calories. This would provide a stimulating yet accessible, full body workout,  This would require one’s having access to some sort of park or the forgoing of possible stares from the residents in one’s neighborhood (LOL).

These foods provide good energy for the body and soul


So then, it would be easy to engage in this activity. It is historically the means of by which people have exerted themselves to reach desired horizons. Yet, walking is overlooked. Society so obsessed with gadgetry. Many feel that they are not acquiring any basic exercise benefits unless they are using some type of  implement or machine. Not to say that these items are not useful; the intent is that the body can obtain benefit from basic movement. Outside, at a full sized ¼ mile track, in a neighborhood, at a park or wherever one feels comfortable, basic walking combined with basic calisthenics can be beneficial for the body. This activity can be done at one’s own convenience. The act of moving the body is an ability that needs to be regularly reinforced.

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