Walking is good for the body . . . .

Bi-pedalism (walking) is universal to human existence, barring complications. The advent of modern society downplays minimizes the body’s need for movement. This is due to the many effort and time saving conveniences that are available. Many individuals forgo walking and the benefits that it can confer. Specifically, walking can bolster the body physiologically and walking can lend to greater enhanced mental-spiritual focusing.

All humans walk. It is this mode of getting around that has enabled humans to populate the earth. Walking allows the hands to be free and to manipulate the environment. Walking is available to most people. Of those that can walk, many do so sparingly. Walking is a method of keeping the body healthy. The body is designed for movement and walking is a accessible way to get most of that movement. Walking is a critical part of human life.


Modern society has evolved along the lines of making life easier and more convenient. Access to various advances in getting around is what causes the development of depending upon them. Walking to the barn to milk the cow or the goat is not a big concern to many people. However, lack of walking is tied to conveniences such as having milk on the shelf or taking the car to the store. These are just two examples of movement being minimized in modern society.

What would modern society be like without the conveniences that make life easier. From horses and buggies, to bicycles, to motorized vehicles, to jet airplanes. Access to these time-saving and effort minimizing modalities to all reaches of society. Each advance does provide advantages of increasing work capacity. They also create a situation of dependence upon them. Walking is not widely utilized for getting around. Distance and time impose constraints on life.

Walk wherever you can, Walk whenever you can.
Walking is the simplest form of exercise

Walking, as with healthy activity, is not universally embraced. Walking can help burn calories, strengthen the heart, can help lower blood sugar, ease joint pain, boosts immune function, boosts  energy and Improve mood. Although walking is beneficial, many choose to not engage in any walking (or  related) activity. The hurried lifestyles, coupled with the prevalence of distractions, places health onto the back burner.

There are two aspects of walking that deserve to be expounded upon. Fitness Walking and Breath Walking. Each of these modalities provides their own unique set of benefits. Improving one’s level fitness, bordering on athletic training, is what fitness walking provides. Breath walking provides a more meditative connection to whatever one’s meditative focus might be. Yet, each of these modalities  encompasses the basic benefits of walking.

Be still and know that I am GOD . . . .
The act of meditating is the process of realizing that mental activity drowns out the presence of GOD

Walking is critical to life on earth. Modern society lessens the need for movement. Effort and time saving conveniences embedded into everyday life. The benefits of walking are overlooked by many people. Walking is physiologically helpful to the body and to  increased mental-spiritual focusing.

More on these fitness and focussing aspects of walking later . . . . . .






Each of these will be explored in subsequent blogs . . . . . .

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