Movement – Get a move on!!

The body is designed for a lifetime of movement. Movement begins the moment (that) one emerges from the womb. The human body matures into the performing of coordinated movement. The quality of life is reflected by the degree of and quality of movement throughout one’s lifetime. Movement is expressed in different societies and populations in ways that appear non-related to that in other societies, yet movement is movement. Whatever the modality, movement is a necessary component of life on earth.

One step at a time.
For those who are busy, there are creative ways to stimulate metabolism. Standing up and stretching a couple of times an hour will do wonders for the body.

The present day human body has not changed much over the years. Some of the earliest human remains date back up to more than 160,000 years. These remains hail from East Africa. These were predominantly a gathering society, with some hunting and fending off predators. Movement was key to survival. The body was only still during rest, which was very important to the function of the body. With progress came the tilling of soil and building of shelters.

Movement is important after birth. Even predatory animals can move after birth but are blind in some cases. It is mandatory for an animal to be able to move as soon as possible. Predators abound and do not discriminate as to what they choose to eat. The ability to move after birth is critical to avoiding those predatory interactions. It is just as important for predators to be able to pursue their prey. There is no animal life without movement.

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Humans are special in that post-birth movement ability is limited. Humans baby movement extends only to squirming and twisting, eventually progressing to rolling over, rocking and crawling. These basics must be mastered as they are what the more complex movements are based on.  Learning more complex movements proceeds along a line of increasing neuro-muscular coordination (i.e.: pick up a toy to learning to use a tool / typewriter or crawling to walking to running). The long maturity period for humans allows for the learning and mastering of the complex movement patterns.


The aging process is viewed with trepidation in modern western society. Many people approach aging in a limiting fashion. Activity levels decrease amongst the elderly which facilitates the stiffening and shrinking of bodily structures. The body’s range of motion decreases without movement. This leads to ever decreasing ability to move. The elderly individual must maintain some type of regimen that regimen that encourages activity. Exercising is not necessarily what is being promoted. Movement, to include exercise, what is being promoted.

Within different societies, there are ways of moving that helps to sustain those groups and maintain their mobility. Polynesian peoples swam, made and used boats for survival. Farming is found in many areas of the world. There is the strongman culture (predominant in European and Scandinavian countries), Tai Chi and Eastern Martial arts (although all countries had martial arts of some type), African, along with many other societies, have a culture of wrestling among the males. Dance, as a modality of expression, ceremony and exacting movement, extends throughout all cultures and regions. Time gives evidence to the necessity of movement for the human body. Although each society expresses some regionally specific types of movement, there is still movement at the end of the day

Humans, and animals per se, must move. Life sustaining activities cannot occur in the absence of movement. Modern society is rife with a lack of healthful, mobility sustaining movement. Time constraints, rushing to here and there, abundance of conveniences and a myriad of distractions are factors that impact the acquisition of movement. However, the body, which has not significantly changed in thousands of years, requires movement, to include exercise.

The human body dates back many thousands of years. From the beginning of life, animals must move. Movement pattern become more sophisticated as one matures. Even in old age the ability to move is maintained through movement. Movement, though seemingly different, can be found all over the world. Movement cannot be pushed to the side as though a mere convenience, it is a necessity..

To paraphrase  Jame 2:17 (KJV): Life (faith) without Movement (works) is Pointless (dead).

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