Move and move more

The importance of bodily movement cannot be overstated. The majority of ‘healthy agers’ exemplify a more youthful vigor due to consistently engaging in movement activities. This is not to say that all seniors need to run triathlons, engage in strongman competitions, or reach the apex of mountain peaks. Some seniors can do that but it is not necessary. Moving in ways that ‘intelligently’ stimulate the body provides the framework for maintaining a more active lifestyle. The individual can ensure continued mobility, well into later their later yeas, by incorporating regular movement and exercise into their daily routines.

The beauty of the body in motion is a possession that merits proper maintenance. To move is to care for the body. All life on earth exhibits some degree of movement. From (mere) expansion / contraction cycles to carrying that body from point A to point B. The joints, sinews, muscles, and organs function optimally in the presence of movement.

One step at a time.
For those who are busy, there are creative ways to stimulate metabolism. Standing up and stretching a couple of times an hour will do wonders for the body.

Many studies have shown that movement, any challenging movement, done consistently is important for sustaining physical vitality. Regular activity is key to making use of bodily plasticity. The structures of the body become more rigid in the absence of movement. The body in movement is the stimulus for the continued mobility of that body. More demanding movements, of course, are more benefitting to the goal maintaining that youthful vigor. However, there is a line that is easily crossed if one is not careful.

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Many activities meet the criteria of movement. Working (a physical job) can be movement but is it generally repetitive. It also may not provide adequate attention to good biomechanics. Yet, there is movement. There are activities, gardening, hiking, rock climbing (bouldering) skate boarding that can meet the criteria of movement. There are more formal styles of movement. Yoga, tai chi, primal, resistance, etc that are also available. The body must move and there is no shortage of avenues by which one may approach the endeavor. Just do it. .       

This is an awesome pose. as it facilitates full, complete slow breaths.
Lengthen the spine, breath deeply.

There are insights to be attained concerning older adults’ perspectives on aging well. To enhancing a physically active lifestyle, to encourage participation in social and leisure activities, to promote healthy eating habits, to have a purpose in life, and to stimulate intellectual engagement, these are all contributing factors to aging well. Vital factors are to be considered for the process of developing strategic health and rehabilitative plans for promoting aging well among older adults. Through these measures and related efforts, more individuals will achieve a higher degree of functionality, particularly in their later years.

We must make use of the ability to move. It will be more utilizable the more that it is utilized. Engaging in whatever the activity is, that involves physical movement, will be beneficial for mind and body.

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