Rejuvenewal (Rejuvenate and Renew)

The vibrational frequency of the human body can be raised by undergoing consistent cycles of ‘reset’. Bodily physiology can be beneficially altered by manipulating the general cycle of consumption. Fasting, consumption manipulation, is a modality that can elicit positive responses within the body, basically a ‘reset’. Cycles existing within the body are a microscopic reflection of those existing throughout the universe. A more complete alignment with universal frequency cycles is facilitated as the individual improves their own vibrational frequency. The adage ‘as above, so below’ is reflected through the efforts of one raising their own vibrational frequency.

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Resetting the body is a renewing of structures and processes the compose the human individual. The person relies on intaking and processing nutrients for sustenance. That same body becomes incrementally challenged, less capable, of accomplishing this action as time progresses. Aging, as an organic process, leads to a system that cannot reliably access and assimilate the vitality contained in foodstuffs. Also, quality of ingested foodstuffs can positively of negatively impact bodily systems and nutrient intake. Steps taken to augment bodily processes for regular intake of sustenance can bolster and improve longevity of those systems, per se.

Stimulating physiological renewal.

The human is a malleable organism. It adjusts to positive or negative stimuli and exhibits the effects of those inputs. Cells are not confined to the specific differentiated state or age that they exhibit. Factors have been identified that can stimulate the growth of stem-cell. From this discovery, the idea evolved that cellular features can be reprogrammed by defined factors which specify the desired outcome. The last decade has witnessed a plethora of studies designed to modify cellular features, including the hallmarks of aging, cellular function, and identity in a variety of cell types in vitro. Some of these reprogramming modalities have been employed in animal models in an effort to hone techniques for rejuvenation and cell replacement

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It is known that a person’s metabolism shifts when they fast, fatty acids become the energy source as utilization of glucose is subsides.  A 2014 study found that extended fasting, from 48 to 120 hours, can stimulate pathways that enhance cellular resistance to toxins and stress in mice and humans. The study also revealed that fasting may be linked to increased immune system regulation. This immune system regulation is in response to the ‘re-feeding phase that is instituted at the conclusion of an extended fast. This re-feeding is important for cellular reprogramming and regenerative effects that occur in various organs. Stem cell activation is positively influenced by extended fasting. Fasting can re-align the body.

The Body / The Cosmos

Life cycle on planet earth and everchanging energy dynamics of the cosmos are always in immediate and intimate connect, “How would gravitational pull of planets so distant from earth impact us, other than causing sea tides?” The human body contains 65 percent moisture content, and with the same water-salt mix as in the ocean. If a massive water body such as an ocean could get affected, what is the difficulty in digesting that cosmo-planetary gravitational pull wouldn’t influence human physicality or sensibility? The effect may not be outwardly noticeable in everybody, and the impact may vary from person-to-person – those less focused / grounded may get badly affected, but for strong-minded people it would just pass off. The earth, and the residents upon it, are regularly bombarded with cosmic energies

Cosmic Alignment

The human body is an instrument that is capable of receiving and transmitting, on an energetic level. These processes will work at higher efficiency and effectiveness when the instrument is, itself, less compromised. The body’s ability exhibit these energetic traits hinges upon bodily clarity. A higher clarity permits the body to tune into and be receptive of higher cosmic vibrations. This clarity also facilitates a better connections to the states of one’s inner flux. Thus awareness of the inner states and connection to the cosmic gives (one) the opportunity to harmonize the two within themselves. With effort, intent, and focus bringing one’s body into increased harmony with the cosmos can be reached. This harmony is more easily felt than seen.

The human physiology can respond to energetic inputs and influences when properly aligned. The fact that human physiology is primarily composed of ‘sea-water’ lends to the possibility effects being felt from the cosmos. Fasting is a methodology that can bring the cellular structures to a state of rejuvenation. The cells structures can be modified towards expressing stem cell characteristics. Bodily physiology can become aligned more fully with cosmic energies by undertaking steps to re-set the body. . . . . As above, So below!!!


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