Summer energy is here . . . . .

But that Enchanted Hill grade, going up and coming down is a MO-FO . . . . . LOL!!!

Happy Summer to you all . . . Esto es El Primero Dia Del Verano . . . Espero que todo estan bien contigo!!!! That is to say that today is a day to be cognizant of change. Every seasonal shift should give us pause to stop and reflect upon our current extant state.  Be it good. Be it Bad. Be it so-so. That state, whatever it may be, deserves attention. Today, I gave attention to my state by performing some sadhana for the summer solstice. To observe cardinal points of seasonal shift is to re-orient ourselves with and within the cycles of nature, the rotation of our emotions in response to said changes, to re-establishing a connection to  . . . to be resolved with the flow of existent oneness.

Summer. It is the height of daylight in the northern hemisphere. The point of full inhalation going into the holding of breath. Spring is the inhalation (the bringing in of energy) and summertime is the hold (the utilization of that energy by the body in question)  Breathing, when corresponded to a yearly seasonal cycle, takes one through that cycle with full awareness. This is the time when the northern hemisphere is at the maximum perpendicularity to the sun. The energetic input is peaked on this day. This is not, per se, a day to stay inside or to be cooped up under air-conditioning (health challenges notwithstanding). To take in some of that energy while being simultaneously grounded will be of benefit to body, mind and spirit.

Stop. Take time. Assess the internal landscape, your internal landscape. Be reverent to and supportive of ‘self’. How does one go about accomplishing said endeavor. It is different for everyone. Unless one takes time out with themselves on a, more or less, consistent basis, setting out to accomplish said task can be daunting. Knowledge of, or willingness to learn about, self is a must. Personally, today started out with early A.M. meditation (to coincide with the actual hour of the beginning of the solstice. Then, a visit to a local spiritual vortex, The Enchanted Rock, for a short but challenging hike to the top. Once at the summit, grounding ensued (going barefoot) and a short qigong sequence was performed. Afterward, 20 to 25 minutes was spent atop Enchanted Rock, walking about while grounded. An energetic flow was felt throughout the (my) body.

There must be an awareness of the seasonal flow of energy and not just a cursory, calendar regimented recognition of the seasons. These seasonal changes are times to acknowledge where we are in relation to where we might want to be heading. It is through introspective activities that our bearing can be made ore clear. The energy of summer is ‘fullness’. Of what, then, are we ‘full’?? This (day) is a (good) time to reflect upon that question.

At any rate, happy (first day of) summer. Take time out for yourself. Spend some time on some type of introspection during this auspicious time of the year.

I love you all

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