Three Pillars of Fitness

There are three components that effect an individual’s existing in a physically capable state. Fitness is not jumping over people to dunk a ball, competing as a top level triathlete, or swimming to abnormal depths without SCUBA gear. Fitness is having adequate Strength, mobility, and metabolic conditioning (endurance) for day to day functioning. Strength is the ability to lift one’s body and ambulate. Mobility is that ability to engage and to combine the full ranges of motion of the joints. Endurance is the ability to engage in various activities on a sustained basis. These three aspects of fitness are the pillars of physical wellness. In combination and unison , they can comfortably carry the body throughout a lifetime.   

Strength is a necessary component of life. From the smallest organism to the largest life form, strength is required to some degree. Strength varies depending on the type of animal. Humans are not as strong as the great apes. The great apes are not as strong as a rhinoceros or a large bull moose. Neither of these is as strong as an elephant. Notice that size, typically equates to strength. Resistance Training is a method by which humans can increase their strength. Different modalities include Weight Training (Barbells, Dumb Bells) Body Weight, and various Gladiator Fitness routines, just to name a few. Goals vary from strength maintenance to strength acquisition.   

Ability to move is important. We squat. We bend. We twist. We reach. Movement occurs through combinations of these aspects of maneuvering. Movement occurs when the need arises to get up and retrieve something: one must reach, stoop, bend, twist or crawl in effecting the act. There can be no animal life without movement. Movement deteriorates without movement. Physical actions such as squatting, bending forward and backward, leaning sideways, twisting assist in maintaining the body’s ability to move with less restriction. Synovial fluid function and tendonoligamentous resilience is maintained by regularly taking the body through varying ranges of motion for each joint

Endurance is the ability to sustain an activity and it is an important aspect of living. Metabolic Conditioning is the term for the ability to build the capacity sustain an activity or an action.  Aging brings a lessening of endurance capacity. Endurance changes with time. Endurance is something that must be maintained. To be able to run a mile, to be able to walk a mile, to be able to walk around the block, to be able to walk up a flight of stairs these are all aspects of endurance. Some of these are practical. The abilities to walk up a flight of stairs, move to and fro while carrying, pushing, or pulling something.  Endurance is  overly indulged by society in the form of sports appreciation. The athletes on the field display the developed ability to perform at above average levels with regard to endurance and strength. The average person can also perform at the top of their ability and that ability can be developed to a higher degree.    

Let your wellness, your fitness begin with you. One may need an idol top inspire them but they can never be that idol. They must become more comfortable with their progress of their own journey. The physical strength that one can exert, the mobility that one can engage, the endurance that one can sustain are all within the control of the individual. One must become concerned with their own capacity to functionally engage each of these parameters, on a level that supports existing autonomously, to the best of their own ability. It is not an impossible feat, it does not require Herculean effort . . . only only requires CONSISTENCY . . . . . consistency!!!

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