A Mindset to An Act

Everyday is highlighted attitudes that we entertain. Negativity in thought leads to negativity in word and deed. Whereas positivity in thought leads to the opposite end of the spectrum.  Wellness is a mindset that can give rise to a multitude of actions . . . fitness being one of them. To be well is to allow that attitude to be reflected in all of our actions.

Thoughts form the basis for reality. Thought is the impetus for (all of) what is spoken and what is done. Although it cannot be pinpointed to a specific location, the prominence of thought in daily life cannot be denied. The directing of specific thought arises from the positivity or negativity of our mindset.


Thoughts that are negative can affect our perceptions and projections an unfavorable manner. Conducting any activity with unseasonable thoughts leads to bad attitudes about the job at hand or a less than acceptable result.

With a positive mindset, tasks, objectives and responsibilities can be approached in a forward looking and accepting manner. In the realm of wellness for example, having a positive mindset means that we step in the direction of taking personal responsibility for our health, vitality and fitness. Although fitness is not always approached with verve, a motivated mindset can work wonders in getting one past the sticking points.

One more rep!!!!1
Playing the edge. Getting stronger.

There are certainly different levels of fitness and each is applicable to one’s individual journey. A world class triathlete is, without doubt, more physically developed than the week-end warrior just as the healthy landscape and garden worker possesses a greater work capacity than someone who takes periodic strolls around the block. Yet, each of these individuals may possess the level of fitness necessary for the completion of their specific tasks. In each case, it is the mindset that sets the tone.

If each individual is getting adequate sleep, eating healthfully, and keeping a positive focus, then their levels of activity are perfectly suited to their requirements.

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