Health on three levels

What is health to you? It is such a general term. Fitness, as such, is (a small) part of health. Health is defined as a) a state of being free from illness or injury or b) a person’s mental or physical condition. The W.H.O. defines it as ‘a state of complete physical, mental, and social well being not merely the absence of disease or infirmity’. Health comprises all facets of one’s life that lend to (one’s) functioning in society with a positive outlook and an abundance of energy . . . . or not, as this would be ill health.

One’s health can be attained and sustained on three levels. Each tie into and give support to the other levels. The mental level – how the thoughts that we think influence our actions. The verbal level – how our dialogues supports the manner in which one carries themselves through life’s demands. The physical level – what one does, as a reflection of their thoughts and words, to carry those actions to finality.


How powerful are the thoughts that repeatedly play and replay in one’s mind? Thoughts run through the mind with minimal oversight. Thoughts that are desirable are easily indulged. While thought about actions that are disagreeable are put to the side. However, they can be monitored and directed. Thoughts then become the seeds for productive actions. People who think positively about their health are certain to bolster their well being. More objectionable thoughts can be made tolerable, less deplorable, just by adjusting the pervading thought processes.

Verbal activity gives evidence of the thoughts that one may be indulging. Sometimes one’s thoughts are but the attempt to capture the blur of the mind. Sometimes it works out well. Other times, it does not work out for the best. Popping off at the mouth, forgetting what one was going to say are just some of the manners in which speech can go awry: although popping off can expose truths that most tend to ignore. It can be a bit direct. Awareness of one’s thoughts can direct positive dialogue. In turn, positive dialogue can be a boon to one’s health.


Actions are the externalized results of thoughts and words. Those actions can be positive or negative, based on the input from those thoughts and actions. With regard to health, our actions are very important. Not only does this require physical exercise, it requires proper interactions, knowing one’s own limitations and positive attributes, a spiritual or aspiritual focusing, finding contentment and working on a continual becoming. Actions cannot result in a culmination. That lends to a stagnation. Once a goal is achieved, move on to a next one. Not being afraid of ‘Gleaming the Cube’.

One step at a time.
For those who are busy, there are creative ways to stimulate metabolism. Standing up and stretching a couple of times an hour will do wonders for the body.

It is imperative that congruency be drawn between one’s thoughts, words and actions. In approaching good health the thought processes dictate how well one dialogues with themselves and with others. Language allows one to describe their inner universe and interact with others. One’s actions also play a role in good health. It is one’s actions that give life to their thoughts and words. Let positivity be at the forefront of all cognition, of all verbalization, of all activity.

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