Stay true to your wellness goals

The yearly cycle for 2019 is quickly slipping past. At this halfway juncture, wellness plans that were set at the beginning of the year may have become bogged down. Assessing the situation in a positive light can help in keeping anxiety levels low. This, in turn, will allow for focusing on strategies to keep health and fitness goals on track.

Can you feel the change??
The changing of the seasons is symbolic of the cyclical nature of the heavens.


The passage of time cannot be physically felt. Or There is not tactile stimulation for the passage of time. It passes without barely being notice. Responsibilities and daily actions distract many from what is going on. A missed opportunity turns into 2, 4, or 8 times that the workout, bicycle ride, evening / lunchtime / morning walk or other wellness endeavors gets sidetracked.

Do it for the money!!
Can’t be late!!!


Daily activities need not interfere with adherence to yearly goals. It is necessary to consistently prioritize a period of time to work on  one’s health and wellness goals. Missing a session is not a reason to feel bad. Items come up and issues must needs be addressed. This being the case, consistency does not mean an hour or two workout each day. Every other day, Two or three 10 – 15 minute sessions a day, whatever time frame works is what must become established.

A smiling, healthy and active individual.
Stay Active and Eat Nutritiously

Taking stock of the remaining time can embolden the efforts to rededicate to intentions for better health. There is no need to feel less anxious about what has not been done in this regard. What one is willing to with the remaining year is most important. What periods of time are available for health activities? What are the most enjoyable activities? How much consistency is achievable? Will the consistency be sustained? Answering these questions in a way that avoids anxiety can set the path to finish out the year on a good note.


The year is not over. Embrace a fresh beginning for the coming summer season. There is still time to regroup and re-focus on health and wellness. Be positive and do not be self-deprecating towards lack of adherence to the goals that have been set. Set and adhere to intentions to be consistent, whatever that personal consistency entails.


Be Healthy, Be Ageless, Be You.


For assistance in developing and adhering to your health and wellness goals, contact the trainers at Ab-Sutra Wellness and Fitness (North Austin, TX)

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