The importance of thoughts

Each night is our opportunity to unwind and renew. It is the time that our bodies rebuild and repair. It is the time that our minds unload the clutter from the day’s activities. The thoughts that we entertain can help or hinder our walk through this life. We can set intentions before going to sleep. Our day will be positively affected by the thoughts that are nurtured in the depths of unconsciousness.  This practice can be incrementally built upon to achieve more consistent positivism in one’s outlook and activities. Extend the impetus into actions that will make one better physically, mentally and spiritually.

Daily activities place demands on the body. The demands require energy; energy this is supplied that is supplied through metabolism. This energy is processed so the body can assimilate it (use it to support activity or build the body). Thinking, breathing, sleeping, walking, running, exercising – these activities require energy in varying degrees. Activities or repair, the energy needs of the body must be met to fuel the various activities.

A good night’s rest does a body good.

Sleep and rest are especially important. The body could not be functional without adequate rest. However, many people are operating on less than adequate rest. The body needs rest to complete tasks such as tissue growth and repair, release of hormones, support of mental clarity, supplying overall energy to the body.  There are obligations such as work, family, hobbies; things that compete for available time. Nonetheless, sleep must be made as much of a priority as possible.

During sleep, the mind and body can be programmed. So often, the thoughts that occupy our sleeping minds are those of misgivings, shortcomings, regrets, fear, anger, sadness. These types of thoughts place invisible restraints on the mind and body. They go unnoticed and can hinder your efforts. However, this can be altered by simply changing the thoughts. Inputting thoughts that are conducive to improving one’s daily outlook can set the tone for overall health, well-being, attitude, interactions.

Sleep time is a good time to put in thoughts that will changes one’s focus in their waking hours. The altering of habits and mindsets to a more positive tone is a matter of putting in those ideas that lead towards that direction and acting on them. Thoughts are great but thoughts and actions are far superior. When taking a walk, one does not get there by simply thinking about it. The thought most be supported by the act. Losing weight, cleaning up one’s living space, writing that article all of these things are actions that support to the thoughts that engendered them.

The more that one applies themselves to inputting good thoughts into their psyche, the farther along that they will progress in achieving goals such as sleeping, exercising, more family time, etc. Every successful, results yielding attempt builds upon the next. Exercise is of particular interest because many people want to acquire better habits and be more consistent. It is baby steps that have to be taken. If these need to be programmed in, then one must do it!!!!

One more rep!!!!1
Playing the edge. Getting stronger.

Possessing better health does not just happen. The effort that is needed to attain and sustain it extends beyond the physical. Herculean endeavors need not be undertaken to be healthy. A positive mindset that is supported by encouraging thoughts and exhibited through consistent actions (no matter how small) will yield  results in due time. Going to bed with good thoughts is fantastic, especially if someone is making efforts to get in a good bit of restful sleep. The good thoughts and the restful sleep will set the tone for the next day’s positive actions.

Wash, Rinse, Repeat!!!!!!

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