The Mind and Noise

Noise aka sound is pervasive. It is all around us; be it natural or unnatural. The human brain is designed to process stimuli. People gravitate toward being externally (over)stimulated. There is a level of acceptable comfort in the brain being mildly stimulating. This stimulation, in more intense degrees, is referred to as the ‘Monkey Mind’ in Buddhist speak.  How can we find comfort in silence?? Is it even possible to find comfort in silence?? This is something that many people struggle with; the idea of complete silence. Many individuals cannot go through the day without that external stimulation. The brain craves stimulation

Communication . . . it is a big part living in society.

Studies have been conducted that give credence to the necessity of noise in the maintenance of brain health. The brain must be involved with processing. Yet the brain can become addicted to constant stimulation, to constant agitation. This addiction to noise can happen and be sustained on an unconscious level. People actually do not realize that they are addicted to a constant background of noise.

“As an archer aims his arrow, the wise aim their restless thoughts, hard to aim, hard to restrain.

As a fish hooked and left on the sand thrashes about in agony, the mind being trained in meditation trembles all over, desperate to escape the hand of Mara the Tempter.

Hard it is to train the mind, which goes where it likes and does what it wants. But a trained mind brings health and happiness. The wise can direct their thoughts, subtle and elusive, wherever they choose: a trained mind brings health and happiness.

Those who can direct thoughts, which are unsubstantial and wander so aimlessly, are freed from the bonds of Mara.” 1

Do you know how good you can feel??
If they are undertaken with caution and awareness of what one’s body is ready for, cleanses and detoxes can be a part of the initiative to reverse the trend of ill health

Thoughts, noises and distractions are the milieu through which the minds swims. This is considered normal. Without these ‘distractions,’ the mind would find it difficult to handle day to day activities. So the mind unconsciously accepts the constancy of noises and the like as common. Many do not realize or recognize the pervasiveness of noise. The mind does require some level of stimulation. However, one can be conscious of that audial input and to conscientiously relegate and regulate it into context. That context being aware of noise as an unconscious distraction.  

The goal is to have the mind at a state where noise is consciously relegated to the background. One’s being aware of not attaching will ameliorate various levels of sound that could subconsciously assault the mind. The mind is a tool that can be purposely shaped or molded for the benefit of the specific owner.  is easily attached onto by  It is the directing and channeling of thoughts that the mind brings a peaceful ambiance to the mind. This does not need to be an overtly, strained effort. It is an exercise in coming to terms with the flow of thoughts and the attempt to find the space between them. The mind is more at ease once this level of reckoning is achieved. The noise, ambient or otherwise, can be resolved and relegated to something that is less intrusive.

Focusing through the distractions

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