Stay the course (for wellness)

This is March 7, 2022. I have written this as a check in for those who had decided to begin a work out regimen for the New Year. Typically, the New Year’s Resolution crowd starts off strong. They have good intentions to be healthy, to get into shape, to lose weight, and to be consistent. There is a slow rate of attrition from the workout scene as time progresses from 1 January. I wish to extend a full-hearted congratulations to those New Year’s Resolution exercisers who have stuck it out to this point.

The work-out regimen is a personal effort to honor one’s self, one’s body, and one’s well-being. It is the individual striving to answer an internal call to take the road to personal care. To embark upon that journey is to realize that the body deserves reverence and respect. it is the only body that one has in this lifetime and to care for it is to ensure that the capabilities and capacities that are personally beneficial remain such throughout one’s lifetime.

Moving like a gentle wind, crashing like a rouge wave.

Starting a regimen is truly an invigorating endeavor. The individual is at a motivational high pitch in the beginning phase. Getting up early or being dedicated to ‘after-work personal time’. Eating more healthfully. Maybe Meditating. Consistently exercising. Doing the things that facilitate a more beneficial and advantageous state of being. If is the following through with this commitment that can become monotonous or overwhelming. The goal must not succumb to the unrealized expectations of instant transformation.

If the New Years Resolution to be  healthier has lasted up to this point, then the efforts have become habit. Typically, despite the best efforts of many to usher in a new era of health, fitness, and overall well-being in 2020, research shows that even the most resolute among them likely lost steam in their pursuit of personal betterment pretty early on in the year. A 1988 study out of the University of Scranton found that while 77 percent of people who committed to a New Year’s resolution stuck to it for a week, only 19 percent of those who made resolutions actually fulfilled them within two years.

Back kick
Using cable station to target hip extension musculature

So, Kudos (to you)!! Keep up the good work!!

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