A Case for Movement

I have come to realize why movement, exercise (that dirty word) is such a difficult activity and a loaded word. It seems that in modern society, movement, exercise, is an auxiliary activity. In light of the typically mundane acts of sleeping, going to work, coming home, spending time with family, playing computer games, there is little to no time given to physical activity (movement, exercise). However, it is an important part of existence in the physical world; the body must move, purposefully. Without movement. The bodily structures and systems can incur decreased ability to perform as designed.

Yoga Arm Balances
Yoga Arm balance poses are good for building shoulder stability and tendon strength

Exercise is perceived to be a mandatory, obligatory activity.

We are told that we must move to stay healthy. The body must undergo some type of physical-physiological stress to develop the capacity to overcome said stress. This aspect of exercising is what many deem to be Challenging. Unbearable. Difficult. People basically, people want to avoid what they deem to be unpleasant. This is called dvesa In yoga parlance. The mind strives to find comfort, raga. By avoiding what one does not like it naturally follows that one will be in a more pleasurable state of mind.

Movement activity is taken as another extra thing that can be dismissed

With all of the hub bub and balancing of obligations, of sleeping, of eating and of socializing, exercising and movement take a back seat. It is more so an instance of wanting to do other things. It is an instance of movement and exercise can wait. It is an instance of ‘I’ll do it tomorrow” . . . or whenever. As things that one does in life are rated by their degree of importance, one would say that for many movement and exercise are of minimal import. Even when one incurs an affliction or disease of some sort, movement and exercise are undertaken only out of necessity, usually.

Movement and exercise were a consequence of living in times past

In less mechanized days, physical movement was part of the daily tapestry. Activities consisted of lifting (loading / unloading), carrying, gardening/farming, feeding animals, cleaning stalls, hunting, foraging . . . you get the picture. Everywhere, there was movement. Even as society began industrializing, there was still demanding work that was required. Walking was part and parcel of locomotion during the initial stages of industrialization as well. There was no shortage of activity, of movement in earlier times. What modern times have wrought is the engaging in of less activity. The proliferation of labor saving devices and such has skewed the human physiology toward less muscle tone, bad posture, and compromised bodily integrity etc, etc.

Rotation is good for golf.
This is a basic movement. Using resistance to engage the core as the movement releases the external hip/thigh rotators.

The job becomes one of involving in movement modalities (exercise) on a regular basis. It may seem to be a drag but the body was designed to move. All of the bodily structures and processes are enhanced through movement. Although challenging movement is better for the body, ones choice of exercise need not be overly so. Just move more on a regular basis. Your body will thank you.

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