Benefits of Crossing Over

Movement provides beneficial effects to the human body. These effects facilitate the navigation of necessary day to day functioning. The ability to stimulate cross hemisphere communication, in relation to motor function, can help to develop and improve cognitive abilities. By utilizing coordinated, mirror image movement patterns the brain can develop new neural pathways during all stages of life. There are techniques and practices that can be used to this end.

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The human body is made to move. Many studies show how movement is a natural part of existing and functioning on the earth. The joints are where articulations (specific movement) occurs. Taken in isolation, the effects of motion would be two dimensional. Through combining joint articulations, the (human) body maneuvers with a fluidity. From birth all beings are designed to move. Many ungulates come out of the womb ready to run. Other species develop their movement capabilities over time. Human movement capacity, specifically, requires a considerable amount of time to acquire.

Day to day activity is a series of movements, typically repetitive. The movements that are completed daily become programmed into the nervous system. The movements are typically ‘one-sided’. Meaning that the individual tends to do things with the same hand orientation, the same foot placement, on the same side of the body. Whenever there may be a chance to change things over to the opposite orientation, the individual will rarely do so. So, on a neuronal level, the kinesthetic sensations that contribute to cross-hemispheric communication become less prominent.

Put one foot in front of the other . . . .
Running, a healthy activity.

What must occur is the stimulation of the nervous system. Not simply the usual activity that one does from day to day. There must be some introduction of new movement or movements, a new orientation from which the movement can issue forth. The cross-hemispheric communication is supported when these situations are brought about. Committing even a limited time on a consistent basis can be beneficial.

Studies show that the basis of all human functioning begins with movement. The child begins to explore as they learn to move. With more neuronal stimulation, they actually begin to cognize and learn more (things). As more involved movement patterns are developed, higher level concepts are assimilated into the brain. Yet, learning and movement occur hand in hand throughout (one’s) life. Advancing age should not, must not, be a requisite for decreased movement. Just as the child learns and experiences the world due to movement, the aging person’s ability to navigate their environment and maintain cognitive capacity is linked to the same requirement for movement.

Cross hemisphere communication in relation to motor stimulation is key for moving, learning and maintain those capacities throughout (one’s) lifetime. On a personal level, the utilization of martial arts kata is a vehicle of choice for this specific purpose. The prescribed movement pattern is initially practiced. Afterward, the pattern is converted over to the mirror sequence. The complexity of the movement combinations forces the brain to mentally process the mirror image. Continued practice, as with all movement, improves the performance. Practicing the learned pattern  and the mirror pattern can only serve to stimulate and improve neuronal stimulation, cross hemisphere communication, kinesthetic awareness and overall brain functionality.

Good posture
The core is engaged. The shoulders are strongly pulled back.

Movement and all the variety entailed therein bestows numerous benefits to the body and mind. It is through coordinated movement that one accomplishes those day to day activities. Cognitive abilities can be enhanced through modalities of movement. Engaging movement that stimulates cross-hemisphere innervation makes the brain grow new pathways. There are many types of movement patterning that can be used in this regard. Personally, I practice traditional martial arts kata and their mirror image patterning. Tai Chi and yoga are also good candidates. There are other, more basic patternings that can be utilized. Single limb repetitions for strength training. Doing step aerobics programs and their mirror image. Any physical action(s) that can be done in reverse will be complementary to the functional capacities of the body.

Utilize movement to keep the brain healthy. Ab-Sutra Health and Fitness trainers can assist you to improve cross-hemispheric brain communication.

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