Bravo for Bicycling

Bicycling as a form of exercise, can be adjusted to an individual’s comfort and ability level. It is a great form of transportation as well.  Break-neck speeds need not be attained to derive benefits from it. Bicycling fast, slow or at some intermediary pace is totally up to the rider’s discretion. Being active is the key. In bicycling at a pace that is agreeable, one is more likely to continue the activity.

Drafting a Vehicle
Riding is a vacuum is like . . . WOW!!

There are several ways in which bicycling can be accommodated. There is the standard two-wheeler. Yet bthe standard two wheeler has many permutations. 12 speed, 10 speed, mountain bike, road bike (racer), lugged frames, old Schwinn 3 speed (my current baby), tricycles, standard 1 speed with coaster brakes . . . . literally, there is a bike for everyone. So the reasons not to bike cannot be justified from a standpoint of ‘one not having anything to ride’.

Bicycling can be used to get from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’. It is a health promoting way to get around. Some adjustments may need to be . . . an extra set of clothes, toiletries and a towel could be brought along. Leaving in time enough to arrive early for adequate freshening up may be in order also. These considerations will ease to transition from ‘Cyclist’ to ‘Civilian’ and back. The main consideration for a bicycle commuter is ‘traffic’. One must obey traffic laws and, ALWAYS, be mindful of traffic. The bicyclist is not built to win in a traffic situation.

Bike Path on a Street
Usually, this a safe bet for a bicyclist.

How fast does one need to ride a bike to get somewhere? More precisely, what speed must be attained/maintained to derive benefit from bicycling? Riders can choose their level of intensity based on their current health status or personal goal. Nearly anyone can cycle because it is a low impact activity. If one only has twenty to thirty minutes to ride, they can hop on the bicycle and go at their ‘own pace’.

Faster does not equate to healthier. Slower does not mean ineffectual. Moving the body is akin to physiological improvement. The pace at which one chooses to ride depends largely on physical ability but goals and options top ride also play a factor. A triathlete, for training purposes, will accustom themselves to ride fast. An elderly person who is fitter that most might also pedal faster than most. A more sedentary individual might be content with a slower pace. Which is better or worse really is not up for debate.

The main concern at the end of the day is that they are moving. The criticality of movement for the body cannot be overstated. The human body is over 2.0 E5 years old. Considering that ancient times saw humanoids running, gathering, running, lifting, walking, climbing etc . . . . movement, by proxy, is typically a requisite for a less (physically) problematic journey though life. Movement does not have to be excessive, overly difficult or incessant. Movement must be sufficient, accessible, and periodic for each individual.

Go for a bike ride
Fun cardiovascular activity

Then bicycling must be done, for the individual, so that it is comfortable and agreeable for and to them.  The modality is a beneficial one. For it to be consistently included in one’s repertoire it must be  of agreeably challenging and at the same time not overly boring. These parameters leave a lot of gray area. Yet the spectrum for bicycling, or for any exercise endeavor, is expansive. As one size does not fit all, each person must find what works for them.

Along with being active, one must be consistent in their exercise regimen. Consistency paves the road to forming habits. Health and wellness depend on consistency of formed habits. Bicycling is a good habit to take up. It is low impact. It can be done for strength or endurance or any combination of both. It can be in a group for those who desire camaraderie, or it can be done solo. The pressing issue is to just get a bicycle and do it.

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