All Movements Count

To be active is to live. To put one foot in front of the other is an ability that children strive to attain and that some seniors wish to re-capture. Breathing fully and completely maintains the elasticity of the lungs and the functionality of the alveoli. Twisting and Bending in all directions helps to sustain the pliability of the spine. Squatting down is great for maintaining hip flexibility and for stimulating the colon . All of these basic actions are beneficial for the body. Modern society norms engender a glossing over of these actions (the importance of) the degree to which these actions can be engaged diminishes over time due to decreased usage.

Why walking is benficial

Walking is a universal mode of exercise and movement. It is basic and endemic to all cultures and has been / is used to ambulate, transport goods over various distances, and re-locate one’s self. The actual situation that makes walking an ideal activity is, not so much that it stimulates circulation, not so much that it enhances breathing without undue physical stressors. But due to the risk of injury and the downtime required for rehabilitation of running-related injuries, as well as factors such as inclement weather, walking is ideal and more sustainable as one moves through different phases of life. Walking is also good for mental health and elicits a suppressive effect on the appetite

Why breathing is beneficial

Breathing fully massages the internal organs. Breathing is good for detoxing. By taking in more fresh air / oxygen and exhaling more CO2 (waste) the body is maintained in a more fresh, steady state. It also is good for lowering blood pressure. As muscles relax, blood vessels are able to dialate; this improves circulation and lowers blood pressure. Deep breathing also slows and regulates the heart rate, which also helps with lowering your BP.

The benefits of spinal flexibility

The six spinal movements elongate the spine, encourage elasticity of the spinal column, wake up the cranio-sacral “highway,” and provide a host of other benefits. By bending up / over to the right / left, the side body is lengthened, improving rib cage mobility and increasing space for the lungs. These movements lengthen the muscles between the ribs and pelvis, as well as those of the lower back. Twisting to the right and left helps to keep the spinal muscles mobile. It hydrates the intervertebral disks and massages the organs within the abdomen, supporting digestion. Backward bending lengthens the spine, expands the chest, strengthens the lungs and facilitates deeper breathing. Forward bending expands the entire back, stretching the back of the lungs, increasing breath capacity, and toning the abdomen with an engaged core.

Squatting for health

The following points are just a few of the benefits of squatting. When you perform squats the muscular actions involved in the performing the squat will aid with digestion by improving the flow of liquids and make the bowels more easily empty the waste. Deep squatting aids the body in digesting food more easily. If performed correctly, squatting can help to enhance stability. It helps to remedy weak hamstrings, hip, and ankle instability. It is also a great exercise for assessing shortfalls that may be a result of lifting. Squats increases your heart rate and facilitates burning calories. Circulation to the organs, such as the reproductive organ, is stimulated, This can help with issues of infertility in women and virility in men.

Physical breakdown in modern society.

A recent Scientific American publication highlights that “unlike our ape cousins, humans require high levels of physical activity to be healthy.” This certainly shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Research confirms, more and more, that exercise is beneficial to virtually all of the underlying molecular processes performed by our cells. In turn, exercise leads to improvements in cardiovascular, respiratory and metabolic health; enhanced learning, memory and cognition; higher immune function; the preservation of muscle mass and bone density; and a quantifiable anti-aging effect. The positive influence of physical activity on health is just about irrefutable. The human body has not evolved much beyond the hunter gatherer state. This is to say that physical activity is a major requirement for personal well being.

Movement is what sustains life on earth. There is movement in all corners of existence be it inanimate or animate. Specifically for the animate aspect of life movement is very important. There physical body is designed to move. Without engaging in basic movement, the body will degenerate and become non-functional.

Get out there and move.

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