Mind and Body in Fitness

We are ready to be active. We want to engage in activities that will help us to maintain our vibrancy, vitality and vigor. We want to embrace a lifestyle that involves aging with grace and retaining competence and cognizance. Yet many of our day to day actions do not support any of these initiatives. Being aware of intentions, thoughts and actions throughout the day can bring about an awareness of how the body is responding to each bit of input and stimuli that one encounters.


Moving like a gentle wind, crashing like a rouge wave.


Daily affirmations are an excellent way to program the mind and body. By putting the ideas and thoughts of vibrancy, vitality and vigor into the mind, the body will strive to be a reflection of those thoughts. Vibrancy is defined as the state of being full of energy and life. Vitality is defined as the state of being strong, active and energetic. Vigor is defined as physical strength and good health. Setting daily intentions for (one’s)self with these thoughts will prepare the body to, perhaps sooner or later, do those things that would be supportive of those affirmations.

Go for a bike ride
Fun cardiovascular activity


The aging process is viewed with much disdain in society today. Many bemoan the fact that they are aging and  make grand efforts to cover it up. Cosmetic surgeries, Botox, hair coloring and similar modalities set up a dynamic of hiding the external signs of aging. However, It is through actions which bolster the mind and body that the signs of aging are held at bay. First off, being able to balance is strongly  related to mental activity. General physical fitness and specific balance exercises can prevent falls. Also, staying mentally active to maintain brain health can help with balance. A sharp mind helps you to think — and stay — on your feet.




Everyday, thoughts and actions encompass going to work, paying bills, dulling the mind with regurgitated network flotsam and just trying to make it. These are not bad things. What is bad is that these things seep down into and become embedded within the cellular structures of our being. As this gets reinforced daily, it becomes more difficult to extricate the mind / body complex from these restrictive thoughts and habits. The body slows down and begins to reflect the non-activity and stresses that it regularly encounters. By not allowing the body to succumb to limiting beliefs the stage can be set to overcome them and to reshape the mind and body.

I see what I am doing
Looking at form


Let your thoughts be your guide. Do not become bogged down with thoughts that lend credence to limitations. Thoughts can be empowering. Thoughts are empowering. Thoughts can be used as a vehicle to get from A to B. Thoughts can be used as a vehicle to traverse the (seeming) distance between where one is to where one wants to be. The work, however, must be done by the  individual. Let us be more active.


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