Loneliness: Effecting resolution

Modern societies are being inundated with the loneliness epidemic. What is Aloneness? What is Loneliness? Are you comfortable with YOU?? How are either impactful upon (one’s) health. Society today is more gadget oriented than ever. At the same time, it is gadgetry that serves as one of the wedges between ourselves and others, as well as betwixt ourselves and self. There are also distractions that constantly beset people in society today and serve as disconnects. It is through knowing one’s self that overcoming the struggle with loneliness becomes plausible.

To live is to die to one's fears, apprehensions and setbacks . . . .
Contemplations on Life and Death

Aloneness and loneliness are not necessarily interchangeable. Aloneness can be defined as ‘a disposition to prefer seclusion or isolation’. Whereas loneliness can be defined as ‘a situation that elicits a feeling of bleakness or desolation’. Aloneness can be empowering while loneliness can be starkly overwhelming. Yet the ability to transcend that starkness into being empowered requires the need to become uncomfortable with settling into discomfort. One must resolve to spur themselves toward overcoming loneliness.

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Healthwise, loneliness has been shown to be detrimental to the individual. One’s lonely state can give rise to heart disease and can contribute to other fatal conditions. Alzheimer’s disease, high blood  pressure, suicide, even the common cold are some of the health effects attributed to loneliness. The impact of loneliness is equated with a 15 cigarette a day habit and, by far, overshadows the effects of obesity on health. Loneliness is a state in which one is suffering and feels abandoned.

A smiling, healthy and active individual.
Stay Active and Eat Nutritiously

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The masses of people are separated. They are separated from others and from themselves. This lack connection is not conducive to developing awareness of inner wellness states. We strive to overcome the unfamiliarity with self, upon feeling the need for inner change, but often are fearful and apprehensive in our approach. The availability of so much gadgetry and so many distractions impedes the process of coming to terms with socialized and internalized states of loneliness. Learning to be(come) comfortable with self will reveal the path to resolving the issues dealing with loneliness.

So then, consider aloneness. This state is one that is preferred. It does not lend itself to feelings of being adrift, to sensations of groundlessness, to perceptions of being invisible. No. On the contrary, aloneness is an empowered state. The action of diving within to discover and unearth those things that one  doesn’t like or accept about themselves or, by proxy, others. Aloneness gives one the opportunity to see things as they are and can facilitate their resolution.

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man wearing white shirt brown shorts and green backpack standing on hill
the journey Pexels.com

Today, people are being socialized within an epidemic of loneliness. A distinction is drawn between aloneness and loneliness. To be alone and not lonely must be learned and actualized. One’s state of health can severely compromised in the face of overarching  loneliness. Gadgetry and distractions: i.e. cell phones, videogames, T.V. programs, excessive exercise (subjective), partying / socializing, etc., can contribute to the state of being separate from one’s self and from others. One must then realize that loneliness need not be endured. They must then see that to be alone can be where a place of revelation and where empowerment can be found.

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