Be Active to Age Gracefully

As we age, movement and exercise become more important for our well-being. Our physical, mental and spiritual states are positively enhanced through taking part in ‘well-being’ activities (exercise). Approached holistically, movement and exercise can be a journey of personal discovery and fulfillment. Each of us is responsible for the path taken to improve our ‘well-being’.

Activity sustains the physical body. The body is designed to move. It is through movement that the tissues, joints and organs are massaged, hydrated and maintained. Metabolism slows down with age. Coupled with reduced activity, issues such as metabolic syndrome, type II diabetes and blood cholesterol profile can become problematic. A consistent exercise regimen can help with managing weight and arthritis, creating more energy and preventing loss of muscle mass. As we age, movement is needed to maintain the physical self.

Go for a bike ride
Fun cardiovascular activity

Activity sustains the mental faculties. Movement is critical to sustaining the brain. Fresh oxygenated blood flows to all parts of the body due to movement based activity. Movement can improve the chemical profile of the brain. Studies have shown that combining basic mental tasks with exercise helps to maintain / improve cognitive functioning. Movement done in a social setting, an exercise class, for example, can be fun and an outlet. This can improve mood and prevent depression.

The water makes it easy for many to move with more ease
Standing tall and firm, reaching out through the heart.

Activity is the doorway to spiritual unfolding. On the basic level, many people are quick to say that they cannot do such and such a thing. The doing it begins with the first step. One becomes more confident as the accomplishments accrue. The individual moves past the self condemnation of  ‘I cannot’.  This, in turn, helps to reduce stress, frustration and anger.  Minimizing emotions such as these can improve the spiritual journey.

Be still and know that I am GOD . . . .
The act of meditating is the process of realizing that mental activity drowns out the presence of GOD

One’s well-being is their personal responsibility. The choice to be active or not is an individual choice. Activity will be more consistent if one can find an exercise or a series of exercises that is / are motivational. Maintaining consistency provides a cumulative effect on the body. This can make subsequent sessions of activity much easier and will make the body more resilient in case of unforeseen interruptions (i.e. – injury,   pressing obligations, etc).

Aging does not have to equate to loss of functionality.


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