Be Well – Mental Grounding in the face of Conflict


Strife and conflict affect interpersonal interaction in a way that brings forth the individual ego. The issue arises when ego, needing to be expressed, comes into contact with another similar ego. Personal space, one’s sense of right must be defended and can lead to undue stressors. Disagreements become arguments which, at worst, could turn violent. Stress can cause health issues as well as interpersonal turbulence. Conflict avoidance is more easily conceptualized than is actualized. Interpersonal interaction puts all attention on that moment. With respect to conflict, it is important to establish awareness of how one responds to such situations. This is the point where attention to the inner dialogue can minimize the conflict.

To live is to die to one's fears, apprehensions and setbacks . . . .
Contemplations on Life and Death

People in modern society are burdened with many stressors. These very stressors affect how people  interact with each other. If interactions go awry, the outcome can run the gamut from upset feelings to physical altercation. A side glance . . . or two, some terse words, internal screaming or perhaps an altercation occurs . . . . . The more we interact when higher degrees of stress and aggravation are involved, the higher the likelihood that we become energetically entwined. The amount of stress that is harbored prior to and during the interaction is proportional to the resultant outcome.


We must not to give into the option of going tit for tat with other people. There is often nothing to be  gained from exchanges of this type. We put effort into asserting ourselves regarding situations that really are not life altering. These abrasive interactions cause attention to be shifted from self-well being to clashing with others to verify and validate one’s self. The self-validation can cause ill-effects within the well-being of the parties involved.

Communication . . . it is a big part living in society.


Adverse interpersonal interactions and expending effort on non-critical concerns can be energetically draining. This can increase stress. Increased stress is causative for poor workplace performance, lack of attention to tasks and issues at home. These types of interactions fuel similar interactions. In effect, negative interactions create a revolving door dynamic. This can go on for some time in workplace or familial settings unless it is properly addressed. Studies show that it can cause heart disease, ulcers and various psychological effects. In the cases of strangers interacting, physical trauma could result.


This need not be. Health is much more important than conflict. Being cognizant of stressful situations  lends to maintaining a clear mind in the face of adversity. To have an established awareness of self creates a screen through which different situations can be gauged, appropriately categorized and accordingly addressed. In some corporations, mind-body programs are being investigated as a giving over to negative influences that affect health and well-being.

Chakric Empowerment

What can keep one from being ‘spirited away’ by forces outside of themselves? That awareness of self can be developed by activities such as attending religious service, meditating, yoga practice (asana / pranayama), tai chi / qi gong practice, mindful walking, scripture reading, art work . . . . . etc.  Also, it may help to talk with someone. Techniques that bring one to state of inner calm and focus can be used for developing inner resolve when situations arise that disturb the peace. Maintaining awareness of inner-self keeps personal energy from dissipating and keeps us grounded.


Mental health plays a large part in one’s physical health. During this time of the year, it is especially important to monitor and maintain mental stability. Checking in with others could help with curtailing undesirable events. Conflicts, emotional stresses and the like need not have power over how interpersonal interactions occur.

Ab-Sutra Wellness and Fitness provides Certified Yoga/Tai Chi/Meditation instruction in the Austin, TX area.


HAPPY NEW YEAR to You All.  🙂


I have included a few links in case someone needs them . . . . . .




Mental Health America Call 1-800-273-TALK OR Text MHA to 741741


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