Golf, what’s in your tool box?

Assess the situation on the golf course. Have you properly gauged the distance? Have you made the necessary biomechanical adjustments? Will you be able to apply the appropriate amount of force? Where will the ball end up? These are interesting questions and perhaps, at one time or another, they have crossed your mind.

Golf tools in your toolbox.
Assess distance. Make adjustments. Apply force. Is the ball going where you intended it to go?

In the game of golf, many panaceas are applied to help in the improvement of scores. New balls, new golf clubs and golf lessons are the methods employed to help you hit the ball better, drive the ball further and swing the club more consistently. These methods do help for a period time. However, because you may sit all day or perform the same repetitive tasks throughout the day, your body sets up movement patterns and areas of tightness that can detract from your game.

You may be loathe to admit it but your body may require some tuning up. Does the golf ball go further down the fairway because of the new club you purchased? Maybe the new balls that you purchased are designed for better flight and they enable you to drive farther. Perhaps, the new ball adheres to the green in such a way that your putting is more consistent. No, the biomechanics of your body brings the club into contact with the ball such that it flies straighter and farther down the fairway. The stability of your body, with the appropriate areas of flexibility and balance of strength, enhances your ability to drive the ball farther and to putt with more consistency and accuracy.

Conditioning for golf; this is not an absurd idea. The golfing parameters of club face alignment, swing path, angle of impact, club speed, and sweet spot are factors that impact golfing errors such as hooking, pulling, slicing and pushing. Your golf game, as with any physical endeavor, is a direct reflection of the condition of your body.

The flexibility, center of gravity, movement patterns and posture of your body can be improved through a comprehensive conditioning program. By increasing your optimal level of conditioning, you will experience a decrease in back, neck, shoulder and hip pain. By relieving pain in these areas, you will achieve better contact between the club face and the ball, longer drives, and improved putting consistency.

An exercise that you can do to help your golf game.

Ab-Sutra Health and Fitness Coaches, LLC, in Scottsdale, AZ, will help you to lengthen short and tight muscles, obtain optimal flexibility and muscular balance. Call us for an appointment at (480) 247-2502.

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